Monday Musings | 9

I guess I should really change the title of this to "Whenever I get around to it Musings" but hey, better late than never. 

Y'all I have been so exhausted lately. Literally dragging, I even skipped my beloved cardio tennis last night and opted for the couch and an episode of the The Crown instead. Who am I?

As I was looking through my phone for pictures to accompany today's post I realized... I didn't take a single picture during Thanksgiving. Not a one. Obviously I am a professional blogger who finds all life's happenings bloggable whilst taking charming snapshots with c'est la vie.

The Friday after Thanksgiving we endured the cold to watch my Cousins son (also my Cousin?) play in a nail biting game against the University of Cincinnati. Lets be honest, I cut out at half time when things weren't looking so well for TU but I have to say I think my absence helped TU pull out the W. It was so cold that night too... but the miracles of all miracles happened and I was able to convince a 12 (almost 13 year old) boy to SMILE for a picture. 

Saturday I managed to sneak in a late lunch with a sweet friend and enjoy some laid back coffee drinking/antique shopping. 

Christmas decorations got put up on Sunday (heyyyo) and I think my house is officially as cozy as its going to get. What is it about twinkle lights that make everything feel that much warmer? The copious amounts of glitter on my floor is totally worth it if only for those evenings spent on the couch next to a lit Christmas tree.

What else? Great Black Friday deals? Any Cyber Monday shopping?

I might have snagged this beauty yesterday

I've got my eye on one of these but a special someone told me NOT to buy it for myself...

If that's the case and one does show up in the next few weeks then I'm hoping Santa might grab this and this

What is on your wishlist for Santa this year?

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