Monday Musings | 8

The thanksgiving addition!

Can you believe its already Thanksgiving time? That means Christmas is literally right around the corner and next thing you know its the New Year. Holy Cow. Time really does speed up as you get older. 

I have somehow managed to keep my garden producing well into the end of the year. Higher temps have a lot to do with it for sure. Pepper galore! This past week I picked no less than 2 lbs of peppers. This go around I decided to freeze them and then use them in pepper jelly! I read that peppers freeze and unfreeze really well holding their crispness after they have been frozen. So I decided to wash the sweet peppers, cut the stems, cut them in half, and then let them freeze on a cookie sheet for a day. After that I put them all in a ziplock until I am ready to use them! Same with the jalapenos, only I made sure to remove the seeds!

I'm thinking about making a pepper jelly recipe my mom sent over, unless you have a good one you want to share!

Two of my nieces, or the "Little Girls" as I call them, came over Saturday afternoon for a fun sleep over! We ate spaghetti, made brownies, painted nails, watched a movie, and gorged on popcorn Saturday night. The animals both got more attention in one night than they get in a week. Constant petting and chasing and playing. We go up bright and early for church on Sunday. Who knew the time commitment it takes to get two little girls ready for church. We made it, albeit a bit late, but we made it. They were both a bit nervous to hang out in class without each other (2nd vs 4th grade) during service but they both adapted so well. I actually went by to see if they wanted to go to big church with me after the first service (I volunteer) and neither of them wanted to leave their new friends. After church we had lunch and played outside. I've been on a mission lately to purge and organize and I needed to put a few things out in the shed. The girls saw me hanging things and quickly wanted to join in on the hammering. Scrap wood and a hammer... happy girls they were. I just loved watching them take on "non traditional roles" and learn to hammer and remove a nail. Its like teaching them life skills they didn't know they needed. 

They got picked up Sunday afternoon and I spent a few hours with a sweet friend chatting over coffee. There is something so great about a crisp fall day, sharing life in a cozy corner of a coffee shop.

This weekend turned out to be a great time to refill my soul with those relationships I cherish. I love investing in those little lives and nurturing that relationship. I love catching up with old friends and hearing whats new in their world.

I just want to be present and really drink it all in. Enjoy each and every moment, especially before the Holiday rush begins.

Happy Monday, friends!

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