Monday Musings

Here we are again, another Monday has quickly approached!

It never fails that I will be getting coffee in the office kitchen on a Monday morning and someone will ask how my weekend was and if I "did anything fun". Simple enough question that I can never seem to provide an answer to. Its like in the moment I completely forget everything I did for the last 48 hours. Plus, who wants to hear "I woke up early Saturday morning, went to breakfast, did some laundry, took the dog for a walk, picked up all the random things that find themselves on my kitchen table, and then decided that 4 day old hair was enough and took a shower"... yea I guess my "it was good but not long enough" response will have to suffice.

Just a little public service announcement. I saw this on the good ole facebook and about choked. Man oh Man this year has flown by!

On Saturday afternoon we headed to a friends Halloween party and I knew I didn't want to show up empty handed but wine/beer didn't seem to fit. I mulled on it awhile and we even talked about taking some food but then in a moment of clarity I came up with a great gift that didn't cost me a dime.

I grabbed two varieties of basil (purple and regular) and put them in a ziplock with some water, added a Japanese eggplant, two varieties of jalapeno peppers, and some sweet peppers wrapped all that up in a paper sack I had on hand and BOOM! hostess gift! Oh, that cute black and white ribbon was an after Christmas clearance find. Gotta love a good homegrown gift.

What else?

1. Saw THIS movie this weekend. How they turned 208 seconds into a feature film is beyond me but it was so good!

2. I need new jeans... what are your favorite brands? I recently got a pair from Nordstrom Rack but they are so long and need to be taken up. It seems as though all my (cheap) pairs loose their shape and start to fall down half way through the day. So annoying!

 Image result for babies dressed as old people
3. Halloween costume? I'm thinking so...

4. Dream Kitchen

Happy Monday friends!

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