September IPSY Review

Its that time again... another month... another IPSY!

I do have to say, this month wasnt my most favorite IPSY month. I liked the mix of products, skin care, nails, make-up, hair care... but I wasn't over joyed with the products themselves. Lets get to it!

From Left to Right: Briogeo Deep Conditioner, Too Faced Sexy Lips Plumper, Onomie Priming Serum, Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish, Epice Toner.

Let's break it down by product. First up Briogeo deep conditioner

I am currently trying to only wash my hair twice (maybe three times, if you're lucky) a week. A really amazing conditioner is PIVOTAL in keeping my hair nourished post wash but not too heavy or greasy. We all know... greasy hair is the worst. 

This deep conditioner didn't make my hair feel silky smooth post wash and really weighed down my strands. I'm from Texas, y'all, and we know the hair is all about volume. Weighing down my hair is about as horrifying as not finding my teasing comb and running out of hairspray. Needless to say... this product wasn't a favorite.

Big plump lips are all the rage right now, thanks to Kylie Jenner. When this showed up in my glam bag I was pretty stoked... until I tried it. They say you might experience some burning for a few minutes after application. What they don't tell you is that it feels like a million tiny needles are poking you in your pout. My lips got so red it looked like I had on lipstick when I didn't. All that to say, I would totally endure the burning/stinging sensation had it really plumped up my lips... but I was left with the same sized pout albeit quite a bit redder.

Nail polish is nail polish and though I enjoyed getting a full sized polish again.. this wasn't anything to write home about. I don't usually paint my nails the shiny metallics and especially not skin toned. I did wear this color for about a week but overall I was rather unimpressed.

I'll say this... I'm not sure how you can tell if a toner works in a matter of a week. Travel sized products don't give you enough of the actual product to use long enough to tell a true difference. I can't say this did or didn't work because I just don't know. I did like it was more of a gel toner rather than your typical liquid which made it easier to apply to a cotton pad. This is one of those things I can't give a definitive love it or hate it review.

I may or may not have forgotten to take a picture of the primer... oops. I will say this though, I was able to get 2 uses out of the sample and what I was able to use I liked. That being said, its hard to really say yay or nay after two uses.

So there you have it, September review. Not my favorite glam bag to date but I did love getting a chance to try a few products I have heard a lot about!

Have you tired IPSY yet? 

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