Life Lately // Just Keep Swimming

Whew. This week has just been one of those weeks that I keep telling myself, "You can do this".

Please tell me I'm not the only one with weeks like that. Its all I can do to just maintain status quo. United Way is HUGE in Tulsa and this week just happened to be the big kick off of the 2016 campaign. The company I work for spends the whole week fundraising with all sorts of crazy activities. Its non stop around here with pie in the face competitions, tying balloons to your coworkers, and my personal favorite Trivia Happy Hour. Maybe its my favorite because it was my idea and the portion of the week I am in charge of... or maybe its because we get to sneak out today at 2:30 to go eat mexi food and drink a few adult beverages. Either way, its a much needed break.

On Wednesday I headed over to observe visitation with my CASA baby and ended up here

After a quick stint in the emergency room our little one was cleared with a clean bill of health. Hanging out in the ER does nothing good for my blood pressure though. Kids sure do keep you on your toes!

With all the crazy that has been going on I decided last night to take Murphy out for a little jaunt. I needed some fresh air and deep breaths and he needed to work off some major energy.

We are working on behavior modification right now and walks are such a great time to practice new skills. The behaviorist I am using mentioned walking Murphy for 30-45 minutes every day. Currently, we are starting slow with a walk one or two times a week. I just don't know how I can work up to everyday with our crazy schedules but I'm trying!

What else? What else?

Oh! I got this new (tennis) skirt from Academy for a whooping $15 bucks. I put it on SnapChat (sarahosu) on Monday night before I headed over to the courts. Its so flattering and uber cute. I mean gotta love those little see through panels? 

I'm about to head out to Trivia and try to wrangle these crazy people. Fingers Crossed. Then headed to North(ish) Tulsa tomorrow for the Healing the Hero's event. Healing the Hero's is a great weekend event for war veterans with a banquet Friday night and target shooting and a dove hunt Saturday. When you're dating the volunteer coordinator you get assigned to help out. Thank goodness its taking pictures and not helping out with the dove hunt. That could have been interesting!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies. I promise promise a Scottsdale recap and Healing the Heros recap next week. Promise. Plus some fun room updates too. 

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