Bible Journaling

For so long I've felt this desire to really get serious about scripture memorization. At one point I had a small bound note pad that I would write a new scripture on every week but I never really took the time to memorize the verses. Such good intentions but no real follow through.

I've heard little bits here and there about bible journals for a while now but never really looked into them because... well... follow through.

Bible Journals are the same as regular bibles with various translations but they come with extra wide margins to write in. I use the word "write" loosely as you'll soon see there are people who have made this into an art.

Side note: I remember being about 6 or 8 and watching my Dad highlight and underline in his Bible one Sunday morning and being mortified that anyone would WRITE in their BIBLE. Almost as though the Bible was to be looked at and read but never really digested. How many of us still feel that way?

These gorgeous examples and more can be found on my Pinterest

 I figured before investing in all the "tools" I would give myself a week of using my normal journal (what up five star!) as a space to take a verse and sit with it. See what parts stand out at me. Write it down. Think through what God is really telling me. Then... create.

I'm no pro and I'm not looking for a perfect pretty outcome and like everything... its still a work in progress. BUT I do have to say this gets me excited to get into the word and, without a doubt, keeps my attention. My goal is to be very mindful to not get caught up in creating a pretty picture but instead to really process the words on the page. As a *semi* creative person the need to deliver a beautiful image can so easily overpower the whole reason for journaling in the first place. How true is that with so many other areas of our life?

My goal is to work through a chapter every few days and really be mindful of what I am reading and how it translates into my life. Today I keep reminding myself of "the riches of his grace".. such a beautiful reminder. Where I see flaws, Christ sees beauty.

In my Bible Journaling research I came across the most beautiful hand painted journaling bibles. Y'all these are a work of art. Katie, the artist, comes out with a few custom spots each month and a few ready to ship bibles at the same time. They go quick, so you've got to be on your toes but I can't see how you could ever find a prettier bible.

Gorgeous, right?!!?! Okay so tell me have you ever taken a stab at bible journaling? Let me know!

Until next time, Happy Friday Friends!

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