Life Lately // Take Four

Its been a while since we've talked, y'all! The past 10 days have been a literal whirlwind. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (sarahosu) you know I've been on a traveling kick. First a girls weekend to Scottsdale then back in town for the night and back out to Houston for work. All of that was followed up with a crazy weekend this weekend!

I'm exhausted.

Friday night was the start to a weekend tennis tournament I was playing in. We had a 30 minute round of cardio tennis followed by 30 minutes of yoga hosted by Lululemon  and then great food from the Local Table food truck. Everything was wrapped up around 8 and I spent the rest of my evening like this...

The tournament started bright and early Saturday with our first match beginning at 9:15. The weather kept saying it was supposed to rain this weekend in Tulsa but we got hot and humid weather instead. I kept getting so nervous thinking about playing in a tournament. It was doubles only and I was paired with a pro which meant I had to play up - play people that were way better than me. There is something about knowing you will be the worst player in your bracket that just gives you a nervous tummy. Not welcome. 

We lost our first match but hey I burned 670 calories - hello silver lining!

Our second match started around 1pm and we wrapped everything up by 3pm just in time for me to be able to haul it home and get ready for local charity event. I totaled up my total calories burned for the day and was completely shocked when it came out to 1500 (!!!). I need to play in tournaments more often - screw worrying about being the worst. In case you were curious that was 816 cals for match 2.

My office was a presenting sponsor for Wild Brew (charity event) so we were able to get quite a few tickets. I ended up taking a co-worker/friend and we had so much fun. There were 80+ beers to sample in these little 2 oz cups they provide plus like 30 restaurants with various food samples too. The Arbys salted caramel chocolate chip cookies was a favorite - I mean who would have guessed - and the pork verde taco from Baja Jacks. So frakin tasty.  

P.S. check out that glass... "benefiting the birds and the natural world"... I had no clue all this $$ was going towards the birds. Rando.

Lets not talk about how quickly I may or may not have pulled myself together. Record time. Or how many selfies are included in this post. Also record.

We also sampled this watermelon creme home brew that was hands down the favorite. It blew my mind when the lady serving us told me that you can buy that exact home brew kit here in Tulsa and make it! Totally worth it, because that stuff was so good!

After Wild Brew we headed to a local bar for a fun cocktail. I've been on this vodka cocktail with a splash of champagne kick. They are just so tasty and the bubbly champagne just makes it.

At this point I was just spent and knew I had to be up early for church, so we called it a (semi) early night and headed home like the true 30-somethings we are. 

Now its Monday morning and I am wishing I had a weekend to recover from my weekend. As I was rinsing and drying out my coffee cup this morning I threw away the lid instead of the napkin. Seriously, someone send me home. 

I cant wait to tell you all about Scottsdale though, so freaking pretty! Tomorrow... fingers crossed. 

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