August Ipsy

Its arrived!!! August IPSY glam bag is finally here!

Y'all, this was hands down my most favorite glam bag to date (June & July). All the products were things I would most definitely use and was excited to try. 

For those of you new to IPSY - its a $10 monthly subscription that provides you with deluxe samples and full sized beauty products. 

Every time I see that pink foil pouch in my mailbox I get so giddy, its like a mini Christmas once a month. So lets get to it, What did I get in my glam bag this month?

IPSY definitely sent some of the higher end products this month. Most of these items retail for $20 (+)

The IT Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Liner is rather fantastic. I wear eyeliner most days but by the end of the day I end up with the dreaded crease liner. Experienced that yet? Its where your liner somehow magically travels up your lid and into your crease. Even better, other days it seems like my liner has melted down under my eye. Not with this liner though, this stuff stays put! After applying it to my lash line I rubbed a finger over the liner and not a smudge one. Heck, it didn't even come off on my finger. 5 Stars IPSY, 5 stars!

Next up, Winky Lux powder....maybe its the fact that its name is "winky" but I thought this was eye shadow. As a matter of fact I am currently sporting it on my lids. Turns out its not eye shadow but face powder... who knew!?!?! I will say, its a rather fantastic brow and lash line eye shadow though. 

Miracle face wash! This Rose Facial Cleansing Gel is fantastic and smells great too. Lately I have been using Cetaphil to wash my face but have noticed it takes off little to none of my makeup leaving me with unpleasant breakouts. I washed my face with this Rose Facial Gel last night and my makeup was gone, enter squeaky clean face! After I wash my face each night I use a toner with a cotton pad, previously I was having to use two because so much make up was left. Last night I used one cotton pad and had verrrrry little residue left over. Gold stars here. At $85 a pop this would have to be a major splurge though. Worth it? Yes!

I have honestly loved everything thus far, but this nail polish wins all the awards. Typically, I throw nail polish into a bin and forget about it but last night I had a wild hair and tried a few swipes on my thumb nail. I put one coat on my nail while getting ready for bed and in true Sarah fashion totally forgot I had done that 2 seconds later. Imagine applying dry shampoo, cleaning up the bathroom, and applying face lotion only to remember you had just put on nail polish a minutes earlier. Oops. To my surprise though, this polish dries at lighting speed. No nicks, smudges, or imprints, within a few seconds of application. I even went to bed about an hour later and woke up with not a sheet print one... now that's a miracle. My nail lady is going to be sad to not see me anytime soon, because at $15 a bottle this is well worth the $$ saved the salon. 

This Daily Moisture Mist could not have come at a better time! Last week I had my hair done and came out with a great cut/color and a revived vigor to take better care of my ends. I have been using the CHI heat spray and its just not doing the job. This morning I added the moisture mist to my dry hair - thinking it would be a normal heat protector - not so much. This is much more of a leave in conditioning treatment than a heat spray. It does do a great job refreshing dry hair - just spritz your ends and blow out with your hairdryer. Time will tell if this is a new addition to my hair care products but I do like what I've seen so far!

Time for our final round up... I spent $10 on my glam bag but how much did I save?

IT Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Liner - $22 for full size - lets call the sample half sized @ $10
Winky Lux Powder - $20 for full sized - small sample so we'll say $5
The Organic Pharmacy Rose Gel Cleanser - $85 for 100 ml - sample was 30ml so $25
Marula Pure Beauty Oil Daily Moisture Mist $32 for 200 ml - sample was 30 ml so $5

Sample sized pricing comes out to $60 bucks for the loot. Heck the $10 glam bag was cheaper than the retail price of the nail polish and that was full sized! I'd say I got my $$$ worth and even got to try out some great products that I will definitely be buying in the future. Thanks IPSY


  1. I do ipsy too. Love it! I don't think we got a single thing the same this month!

    1. Hopefully you got some good stuff though! That nail polish is legit!!