A little bathroom organization

Have you ever read the book "If you give a mouse a cookie"? I loved it so much growing up and there was a point in my life I knew the words by heart. The jist of the book revolves around giving a mouse a cookie and then he will want.... a glass of milk... and every thing you give him leads to him wanting something else. I find myself referring to that book so much in adulthood. As you know I just did a quick weekend update of my bathroom. In true "If you give a mouse a cookie" form, I decided I needed to update some of my bathroom storage to feel as clean and fresh as the rest of the room. 

I have these three small shelves on the side of my vanity that keeps all my "stuff" - its like the junk drawer for the bathroom. 

Its always an eye sore and I hate that these bins look in such disarray. The top shelf holds cotton pads, q tips, and headbands, second shelf is all my nail care products, and the third shelf is a mismatch of travel sized products, contact cases, toothbrushes, floss, etc. Since the shelves are small I knew I needed to keep around the same size bins but I wanted something a bit more sturdy and to add a pop of color. 

Saturday afternoon I headed over to the motherland, Target, and searched around for something that might just work. 

A little tip: When organizing purchase a few different items that *could* work and try them all out to see. You can always take back the extra and this way you alleviate some of the pressure to find the right size/color/grouping that works. 

I ended up grabbing some glass jars from the bathroom section for my q-tips and cotton pads but at $15 a pop I knew there had to be a better choice. After walking the isles I landed on kitchen organization and found these latch top mason jars for $7 - bingo!

I also grabbed two different types of storage bins but these turquoise ones with lids were the runaway winner. 

I went through each bin and took out the junky stuff that I never use which made the whole process feel worth it right then. One bin I did not clean out, nail polish. There is something about throwing away perfectly good nail polish that gives me the sweats, I just cant do it. I will say that with just a few minutes of cleaning and organizing these bins already look better. Also, don't ask why I have 30 million contact cases and eye glass cleaners because I have zero clue. Like their good friend, nail polish, I couldn't make myself throw away a good contact case. Hoarder much?

Since this post I have also purchased a storage bin to hold toilet paper next to the toilet. So those two lonely rolls above are no more. 

So there you have it, a quick and easy bathroom organization update. I've really got to move onto another room before I start getting a little OCD in here. 

Turqouise bins: here
Glass Jars: here

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