July Ipsy

Another month means another IPSY!

Check out what I got last month here

This month I got a few different items, some I love, some I well... love to hate, and others that were okay.

My glam bag came with a nice mix of Makeup but the colors weren't quite my favorite

I have yet to try the mask but I have tried everything else and so far love the staying power and pigmentation of the eyeshadow but not a fan of the color I received (Think maroon with a hint of orange). The face primer was nice and smooth but I cant honestly say I saw a huge difference in the staying power of my everyday makeup.  

Thank the good lord above I tried the eye liner on my hand before my face because A) its blue... B) it is still on my hand. This stuff holds on tighter than your best pair of spandex. Upside, this wont run or smudge or move, ever. Down side, its blue. 

Seeing as this is the second eyeshadow brush I got I was a bit disappointed. Its a great brush though, but lets be honest... how many eyeshadow brushes does one person need? 

So how much did I save? Lets see...
Palmetto Mask                                              $64 for 1.75 fl oz (lets call it $5)
Too Faced Primer                                         $32
ML Cosmetics eyeliner in Emerald Isle       $13
Vasanti eyeshadow brush                             $21

Considering I paid $10 for a full size eye liner and brush ($34 combined) I think this definitely paid for itself. If you consider the sample sizes I would say this bag totaled around $55. Crazy!

Want to try out IPSY - head on over and try it for a month - you wont be disappointed!

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