Chicago : The Food

Last I left you, we were talking about all the things to do in Chicago (if you missed it see here) but today we are going to talk all about the good stuff... the food.

We happened on a ton of great good in Chicago and also tried a few recommendations we found before we left. Lets start with Breakfast shall we?

Do-Rite donuts had hands down the best old fashioned cake donut I have ever tasted. To die for! We got there a bit late in the morning and there were not a ton of choices left. My suggestion, go early!

 On our last day we took time to go by Wildberry Pancakes and they did not disappoint. Almost anything you order comes with a side stack - my suggestion is to order a small breakfast and indulge on the pancakes! We tried the cinnamon roll and their famous berry pancakes - ohhhhh man.

Side note - they are ALWAYS crowded so expect to wait around an hour before getting seated. I'm well known for getting hannnngry so it was in our best interest to go early before my need to feed set in. I think we got there and were seated within 45 minutes and it took no time at all after ordering to get our food. Upside, the serve breakfast all day.... maybe try breakfast for dinner and avoid the wait??

Hands down our favorite breakfast spot was Kanela Breakfast Club. They are located all throughout the city and definitely worth the trip. Since we loved Old Town so much we decided to head back over one morning for breakfast and bike rides which was definitely needed after trying the nutella stuffed smores waffle. I didnt try the red velvet french toast or the monkey bread but it looked amazing.

Now onto our favorite dinner spots. You'll notice I have ZERO lunch suggestions and that's mainly because, well, we didn't eat lunch. After having a semi late (10 ish) breakfast we were able to hold out until dinner every day. My waist line thanked me. 

Anyone you talk to will tell you when in Chicago eat deep dish pizza. Personally, I would suggest thin crust and eat at Giordanos. Again, get there at least 2 hours before you really want to eat because the crowds are intense and the wait is long. We got a drink at the bar and sat outside to wait for our table since the weather was so nice and before we knew it we were getting seated. They are also ingenious and have you preorder you pizza before you get seated. This way you aren't waiting forever for your pie and get to eat in a reasonable time. 

 Back to Old Town... this restaurant was our first introduction to this slice of Chicago heaven and did not disappoint. Kamehachi, which turns out to be Chicagos oldest sushi bar, was such a delightful dinner spot. The spicy edamame and dumplings were great starters. We also ordered crab cakes... oh man... the mango salsa knocked those suckers out of the park! I made sure to also get a sushi roll - when in Rome - plus my Mom had never tried sushi so it was a must.

Technically our first dinner in the city, Rosebud on Rush was such a tasty Italian treat and literally right across the street from Giordanos. Had I not been semi trying to watch my calories I would have had their penne... it looked soooo delish. Instead we had the steak salad and grilled chicken with a spicy wine sauce and asparagus. Despite not having pasta we still enjoyed our time at Rosebud, especially when the manager brought over lemoncello! 

Lastly a little dessert trip... Jenis!! Technically Jeni's isn't specific to Chicago but it was still a nice little worth while trip. We went while shopping in Bucktown and it was a great break in all the walking. Their flavors are off the wall but to die for. So odd but so good! 

Chicago had some of the best food and so much more we didnt even get to try.  Did I miss your favorite spot? Tell me about it in the comments!!


  1. HOLY COW the food on this was impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am probably most interested in the Jeni's pints of ice cream, and that pizza. It looks like it had some kind of hot pepper in it? What did you order?

    1. Thanks!!!! You know we found out you can get Jeni's at wholefoods, you might check on near you! We had "the special" with no mushrooms and it was as amazing as it looks!