Bathroom Make-over

Sometimes I get these wild hairs to just change things around in my house. Typically, its as simple as furniture rearranged or new pillows but this time I stepped up my game. There are rooms in my house that have not been updated since I first moved in 6 years ago and lately I've noticed this itch to change it all. Think lighter paint, cleaner rooms, declutter - overall just freshen the space up.

Thankfully this itch started with the smallest space - my bathroom! Here is what it looked like when I bought my house

Whew, I guess you can say it leaves a lot to be desired. The only original items that remained after the renovation were the floor tiles and the light fixture. I loved the pattern and color of the original tile and thought it brought some authenticity to the house, heck all the other floors are original these might as well be too. The wall tile got painted (professionally) white and a new vanity added, besides paint and new window treatment nothing else was updated.

Here is the after... remember this was 6 years ago and the navy/yellow theme was, well, my jam.

After 6 years of dark walls, I decided I needed something new and fresh. I wanted to make my small(ish) bathroom feel larger and the dark walls weren't helping. 

Most people paint swatches on their walls when deciding on a new paint color or shop around for a few weeks for new light fixtures... most people. One saturday morning I stopped at Sherwin Williams and they happened to be having a 40% off paint sale and I knew it was go time. My master bedroom is painted a dark grey (better watch it or it could be my next victim) and I decided to use choose the lightest version of grey in that same color palette. Since the walls I was painting over were so dark I asked the associate what primer I should use before painting the light grey. She informed me I just needed two coats of their Super Paint (I always paint two coats no matter the paint) and it would cover the navy just fine. I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a shot. Super Paint (thats seriously what its called) in Repose Grey with a few new tools and I was off!

Next up, shopping for a mirror and light fixture. Garby's in Tulsa is a great place to find any light fixture you may ever want, ever. Just my random luck I found the perfect fixture in the sale room and a mirror as I was walking out - it was meant to be. 

Overall the painting took me around 4 hours to finish and TWO coats just like the associate told me. I was in shock! This paint really was super. Cheesy I know, but so true!

Let's see what it all looks like now, shall we?

 I wish the pictures did the change even more justice - the whole room just feels so much brighter! In all honesty, I was a little hesitant about the mirror but ultimately love how it pulls in the brown hues from the granite. Add to that no more 1950's light fixture and this place feels like a whole new room!

As always, for giggles lets see the side by side transformation, shall we?

There you have it - a weekend wild hair turns into a quick bathroom makeover!

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  1. Looks so great! I have a similar bathroom tile to your original before picture, and I had no idea that you could paint it! That's good to know!!