4 Minutes to the Best Asparagus

You guys... I have found the holy grail of cooking. I am all about quick and easy, so I find myself being drawn to all the Tips and Tricks of the kitchen. Recently, I bought a TON of asparagus from Costco... because you all know I love Costco. I mean who doesn't need a million sprigs of asparagus?!

My man squeeze is not so keen on the veggie but was telling me one night about how his mom mentioned a spectacular way to cook it. I figured if it meant he would help me eat it, why not try?!

Little did I know this new found way of cooking said veggie would be life changing. Maybe a little dramatic, but still its amazing!

All you need is a brown paper lunch sack, 425 degree oven and 4 minutes. No. Joke.

Personally, I love prosciutto wrapped around my Asparagus but it isn't a must for this method.

Simply snap the ends of your stalk - I like to bend it and let it snap naturally (legally blonde anyone?) - and then rinse.

Here is the important part - DO NOT DRY OFF YOUR ASPARAGUS

 Leaving it damp is the key to this whoooole thing. 

After rinsing it I add Prosciutto but you can add a hint of olive oil, lemon peel (not juice), and salt instead if you'd like.

Now I am typically only cooking for 1-2 people - so I haven't used this method on more than 10(ish) sprigs. If you are going to add more to the mix I would say bump up your oven time a minute or two.

Once its all prepped and ready you are going to place it in your brown paper sack lying down. 

Fold the bag closed and place it on a baking sheet

All you have left to do is place this little contraption in the oven for 4 minutes - once its done let it sit (keep the bag closed) for another 4 minutes while you get your plate ready/grab silverware/let the dog out...

Be careful opening the bag - its hot!

If you wrapped it in Prosciutto you will notice it isn't going to be as crispy as normal - trust me its still delicious. As a texture person I can also promise you its not slimy in the slightest, which was my personal fear at first. But, if non-crispy prosciutto doesn't jive for you leave it off and just add oil/salt/lemon peel.

My asparagus hating man squeeze said this was the "best asparagus ever" - no joke. Its that good.

4 minutes. 425 degree oven. Brown lunch sack. Who knew it could be that simple!

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