Bathroom Make-over

Sometimes I get these wild hairs to just change things around in my house. Typically, its as simple as furniture rearranged or new pillows but this time I stepped up my game. There are rooms in my house that have not been updated since I first moved in 6 years ago and lately I've noticed this itch to change it all. Think lighter paint, cleaner rooms, declutter - overall just freshen the space up.

Thankfully this itch started with the smallest space - my bathroom! Here is what it looked like when I bought my house

Whew, I guess you can say it leaves a lot to be desired. The only original items that remained after the renovation were the floor tiles and the light fixture. I loved the pattern and color of the original tile and thought it brought some authenticity to the house, heck all the other floors are original these might as well be too. The wall tile got painted (professionally) white and a new vanity added, besides paint and new window treatment nothing else was updated.

Here is the after... remember this was 6 years ago and the navy/yellow theme was, well, my jam.

After 6 years of dark walls, I decided I needed something new and fresh. I wanted to make my small(ish) bathroom feel larger and the dark walls weren't helping. 

Most people paint swatches on their walls when deciding on a new paint color or shop around for a few weeks for new light fixtures... most people. One saturday morning I stopped at Sherwin Williams and they happened to be having a 40% off paint sale and I knew it was go time. My master bedroom is painted a dark grey (better watch it or it could be my next victim) and I decided to use choose the lightest version of grey in that same color palette. Since the walls I was painting over were so dark I asked the associate what primer I should use before painting the light grey. She informed me I just needed two coats of their Super Paint (I always paint two coats no matter the paint) and it would cover the navy just fine. I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a shot. Super Paint (thats seriously what its called) in Repose Grey with a few new tools and I was off!

Next up, shopping for a mirror and light fixture. Garby's in Tulsa is a great place to find any light fixture you may ever want, ever. Just my random luck I found the perfect fixture in the sale room and a mirror as I was walking out - it was meant to be. 

Overall the painting took me around 4 hours to finish and TWO coats just like the associate told me. I was in shock! This paint really was super. Cheesy I know, but so true!

Let's see what it all looks like now, shall we?

 I wish the pictures did the change even more justice - the whole room just feels so much brighter! In all honesty, I was a little hesitant about the mirror but ultimately love how it pulls in the brown hues from the granite. Add to that no more 1950's light fixture and this place feels like a whole new room!

As always, for giggles lets see the side by side transformation, shall we?

There you have it - a weekend wild hair turns into a quick bathroom makeover!


How does your Garden grow

This insane change in our watermelon happened in 36 hours. How in the world can something grow that fast?!?! On Sunday morning I shared this photo when the little baby watermelon was between the size of a ping pong ball and a tennis ball. Now this sucker has morphed into a softball on steroids! 

When I left for Chicago a few weeks back I went out and picked what I could so nothing would rot while I was away. I swear to all that is holy there was not a single zucchini growing when I left, when I came back though... this monstrosity! The larger purple tomato is called a Carbon tomato and hands down the best tasting thing you can ever grow. 

Most of my tomato plants are taking on disease now and will probably get pulled this weekend to make room for some fall plants. Did you know you can plant tomatoes starting in the summer that will produce in the fall? If you had some mishaps thus far you are in luck - August tomato planting is right around the corner!

What else do we have growing? Cantaloupe is growing like crazy, but still no fruit. The black beauty eggplant has been so fun and we've got two more coming in. Bell peppers and jalapenos galore right now - canning is on the books! Lastly, our favorite Japanese eggplant has three little guys coming right along. From what I can tell August is going to be chalk full of produce.

My honey made eggplant Parmesan this week with one of our garden grown eggplants and it was delish! Seriously to die for and I would have never called myself and eggplant lover but this was off the charts!

How is your garden doing? Growing anything for the first time that has amazed you (hello watermelon!)?

Visit Magnolia Market

When I was home a few weeks ago I told my mom the one thing I wanted to make sure and do was head to Waco and see the Magnolia Market.

I know there are people out there that are much bigger Chip and Joanna fans than I am, lets be honest I dont even DVR the show, but I do love a good Saturday Fixer Upper marathon. Over the past few months, I think the silos have kind of taken on a life of their own and with all that social media peer pressure I thought I should see it all for myself.

Lets answer the big question on all your minds. Is Magnolia Market worth the visit?


Yea, I know, you thought it would be a resounding yes. Honestly, its fun and a great way to garner inspiration. Joanna's vignettes around the store are incredibly styled and make you constantly wonder "Why didn't I think of that?!". Here's the deal though, its expensive. I ended up coming home with a few poster size prints ($4 ea) that I love but nothing else really seemed worth the price tag to me. Granted, there were lots of people who were walking out with shopping bags full.

The outdoor areas were so well thought out with food trucks, places to sit and eat, fun games for those who aren't looking to shop (cough dad's and kiddo's), and more photo ops than you could count. Fun fact - the major photo attractions are staffed throughout the day with people who are simply there to take your picture! So leave that selfie stick at home!

My favorite part was getting to meander through their raised gardens and take a stroll through the seed shop. The seed shop is tiny and can get crowded so my suggestion is to leave strollers outside. Again, so much inspiration and everything you would ever need for a fairy garden - who knew! I did love "Homegrown" the illustrated cookbook and could see some of those drawings framed in a heart beat. 

Last but not least, we cant forget the new Magnolia Bakery either. The line to get in was pretty insane until about an hour before close. We didn't end up trying anything but the menu looked pretty phenomenal. I did also hear the cupcakes are very rich so try splitting one if you can!

If you are planning on heading to the silos I would suggest trying your hardest to go on a weekday. If you cant manage that then go right when they open or about an hour or two before closing time. That place gets crowded QUICK! Give yourself time to look around - there is a lot to take in - and maybe grab a bite to eat while enjoying all the fun outdoor amenities. 

Since you've already made the stop in Waco here are a few other places you need to try:

Harp Design Co.  : I have to say we were a bit disappoint on the lack of actual Harp furniture in the store. Candle sticks are only available online (bummer) and stools were the only small pieces outside of the letters they were selling. That American Flag though..... be still my heart

If you have even more time there is an indoor shopping area in downtown Waco that is always a fun time - Spice Village

So there you have it. Now tell me... have you been to Magnolia Market? Planning a trip? Recently come home with some good Waco finds?


July Ipsy

Another month means another IPSY!

Check out what I got last month here

This month I got a few different items, some I love, some I well... love to hate, and others that were okay.

My glam bag came with a nice mix of Makeup but the colors weren't quite my favorite

I have yet to try the mask but I have tried everything else and so far love the staying power and pigmentation of the eyeshadow but not a fan of the color I received (Think maroon with a hint of orange). The face primer was nice and smooth but I cant honestly say I saw a huge difference in the staying power of my everyday makeup.  

Thank the good lord above I tried the eye liner on my hand before my face because A) its blue... B) it is still on my hand. This stuff holds on tighter than your best pair of spandex. Upside, this wont run or smudge or move, ever. Down side, its blue. 

Seeing as this is the second eyeshadow brush I got I was a bit disappointed. Its a great brush though, but lets be honest... how many eyeshadow brushes does one person need? 

So how much did I save? Lets see...
Palmetto Mask                                              $64 for 1.75 fl oz (lets call it $5)
Too Faced Primer                                         $32
ML Cosmetics eyeliner in Emerald Isle       $13
Vasanti eyeshadow brush                             $21

Considering I paid $10 for a full size eye liner and brush ($34 combined) I think this definitely paid for itself. If you consider the sample sizes I would say this bag totaled around $55. Crazy!

Want to try out IPSY - head on over and try it for a month - you wont be disappointed!