Wedding // Erin and Adam

Over drinks one night to congratulate my sweet friend Erin on her engagement she told me all about their wedding plans. I knew Erin and Adam were looking towards a more non traditional ceremony but what she came up with blew me away.

Over the top, huge weddings are so fun to attend - especially if they have an open bar and live band - but there is something to be said about the intimacy of small romantic weddings. 50-75 of your closest friends and family on a Wednesday night all coming out to celebrate and watch you exchange vows at the 3rd place you ever went on a date, which happens to be the same restaurant you went to the night you got engaged.

Erin went against the traditional grain - and I think it turned out so greatly in her favor. Tulsa had been having downpours for a few days straight with an 80% chance of rain for her entire wedding day. Thankfully though, the skies cleared just in time for us to get some great shots of bride and groom before the ceremony in downtown Tulsa.

Erin and Adam welcomed guests in the Tom Tom room at the Vault and then proceeded outside to get hitched. They opened up the ceremony to anyone who wanted to make a toast or a sweet blessing to the couple (Adams oldest son had every one in tears - the sweetest) and then the couple exchanged vows followed by dinner. It was by far one of the most intimate ceremonies I have ever been apart of and one I will remember forever.

Okay, now to the good part - LOADS AND LOADS of pictures.

Couple Photography, Tulsa Wedding, Floral

Couple Photography, Tulsa Wedding, Atlas Life Building

Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Floral

Bridal, BHLDN, Tulsa Wedding

Bridal, BHLDN, Tulsa Wedding

Wedding Cake, Flowers, Ludgers

Tulsa Wedding, Cake, Flowers, Ludgers

Bridal, Couple Photography, BHLDN

Blended family, Tulsa Wedding, Family Photography

Blended Family, Tulsa Photography

Blended Family

BHLDN, Tulsa Wedding, Couple Photography

Location: The Vault, Tulsa
Flowers: Bride
Cake: Ludgers
Dress: BHLDN

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