Y'all, its FINALLY hump day. We have made it halfway through this week. I've come down with a summer cold so this weekend can't come sooner. Relaxation and Rejuvenation is at the top of my to-do list. 

I recently received my first IPSY package and was so pleasantly surprised, I might even have to put some of the products to use during my restful weekend.

Have you heard of IPSY

Some of my girlfriends at work introduced me to this curated make-up/beauty subscription. Its only $10 a month for designer (full sized!!!) samples that come in a cute little pouch (which also changes monthly).

When you initially sign up IPSY has you fill out a form which asks you simple questions about your current beauty routine and the types of products you are interested in.  That being said, your products/pouch wont be the same as your BFF or even mine. Its individually packed for your interests! I love that! Heres what I got this month!!

Starting from the top : Royal eyeshadow brush, TWO BioRepublic masks, Elizabeth Mott Blush, Formula X nail polish, and Urban Decay eyeshadow

I tried the blush this morning and absolutely love it. For a powder blush it felt so creamy. I havent used the nail polish yet but I'm digging the color - I see a pedi in my future. As for the eyeshadow... eh... cant say it was my favorite. It has a great texture but was a tad too pink for my tastes.

These masks might be the product Im most excited to use. They arent a cream mask like I am accustomed to but a paper mask that you lay on your face like a cloth and peel off after 15-20 minutes. I can only imagine how refreshing the cucumber mask would feel after a day at the pool!

Last but not least the Royal Eyeshadow Brush - its mini in size but works like a charm. The blunt end is great for applying eyeshadow in your crease. I used the large end of the brush for applying highlighter on my cheek bones. love!

Call it the analyst in my but I went through and looked up how much the products retail for (not including the discount you can get through IPSY).  I was surprised at what quality and deal you get through IPSY to try a full sized sample! I am all about the try before you buy!

Royal eyeshadow brush - $5.99
TWO BioRepublic masks - $4.99 each
Elizabeth Mott Blush - $23 
Formula X nail polish - $10.50 for full size
Urban Decay eyeshadow - $19 for full size

So for $10 this month I received $68.47 in products - to be fair the nail polish and eyeshadow weren't quite full sized so lets cut out $10. Thats still $58 in products for $10(!) cant quite beat that. 

Have you tried ISPY yet? Do you love it? 

Interested? Try it out here!

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