Life Lately : Take Two

How is your morning going? Good I hope. I am in the home stretch of getting all packed and ready to head to Chicago in the morning. Is it just me or does packing/getting everything ready to leave town stress you out? Pick up the house. Empty the dishwasher. Get cash for the house sitter. Get cash for the lawn guy. Nail appointment. Pack. Work a full day while thinking about your to do list.

Oddly enough, as I write out my to-do list, it doesn't seem so bad.

If you'll remember, last fall I wrote out a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30 this December...

1. Eat at a nice restaurant alone
2. Purge 100 items
3. Host a dinner
4. Try 10 new recipes
5. Visit a new beach
6. Learn to play tennis... again
7. Read 15 new books (audio books count!) // 3 books in
8. Visit Chicago
9. Pay off all debt
10. Send snail mail
11. Read the entire bible
12. Feel comfortable in my own skin
13. Take a fabulous 30th birthday trip
14. Go to Vegas
15. Play hookie
16. Reconnect with an old friend
17. Go to a Mass service
18. Skinny Dip
19. Hit my goal savings amount
20. Organize the shed
21. Print my favorite photos
22. Pay for a strangers coffee
23. Learn to shoot a gun
24. Have a huge garage sale
25. Capture more every day life
26. Get Murphy out more
27. Establish a safe place for important documents
28. Learn to change a tire
29. Participate in Lent
30. Set three fitness goals and achieve them

Though I have a few crossed off - I still have a ways to go to hit them all before December. HOWEVER, you might notice that I am going to get to cross off #8 this weekend annnnd maybe even #5. A few months ago my Mom and I were chatting about how we needed a plan a weekend trip and I knew Chicago was on my list. I haven't ever been to Chi town and my mom hasn't been since she was little which means it will be an adventure for both of us. Since she is in Dallas and I'm in Tulsa we decided to take the EARLY (and I mean early, think 6 am) flights out and meet in Chicago. This way we wont feel like we wasted a day on travel and we wont spend $$ on an extra hotel night. 

We have so many fun things planned - architectural tours by boat, Lincoln zoo, comedy show, shopping, bikes on the Navy Pier, French Market, Millennium Park, some great food stops, and I cant wait to share it all with you when we get back! 

I've got these sassy earrings already packed! If you follow me on Instagram, then these are old news to you but holy wow. Accessory Concierge  has some great pieces and soo sooo affordable. I think I paid a whopping $12 (sale on The View) but you can get them here for $28. 

Fathers day weekend my entire immediate family (17! of us) and our extended family all headed up to the lake for our annual reunion. This chunky monkey, sporting his daddies 80's threads, was hamming it up the entire time. We had such a good time. Lots of quality time with the people you love most, sunny weather, the lake, the sunshine... its all good for the soul. Whats not so great is when that ham of a 9 month old leaves you with a sinus infection and bronchitis. How is it that kids have a runny nose but as adults it becomes this knock down drag out - my brains have turned into mucus - fight? 

I mentioned a few posts back that I am doing a weight loss challenge at work, winner gets 500 bones and an apple watch. Needless to say, I've been eating VERY clean lately. 7lbs down so far and three weeks left to go. I'm currently sitting in third place but on a mission to win!!

And lastly, we have officially got our first RIPE mater from the garden! I didnt think it would ever happen since the birds/squirrels/rabbits kept taking bites out of our ALLLLMOST ripe maters but it did. The day finally came that I was able to go grab that juicy babe from the vine. 

So now its your turn, whats been going on in your world? Any great 4th of July plans? 


Wedding // Erin and Adam

Over drinks one night to congratulate my sweet friend Erin on her engagement she told me all about their wedding plans. I knew Erin and Adam were looking towards a more non traditional ceremony but what she came up with blew me away.

Over the top, huge weddings are so fun to attend - especially if they have an open bar and live band - but there is something to be said about the intimacy of small romantic weddings. 50-75 of your closest friends and family on a Wednesday night all coming out to celebrate and watch you exchange vows at the 3rd place you ever went on a date, which happens to be the same restaurant you went to the night you got engaged.

Erin went against the traditional grain - and I think it turned out so greatly in her favor. Tulsa had been having downpours for a few days straight with an 80% chance of rain for her entire wedding day. Thankfully though, the skies cleared just in time for us to get some great shots of bride and groom before the ceremony in downtown Tulsa.

Erin and Adam welcomed guests in the Tom Tom room at the Vault and then proceeded outside to get hitched. They opened up the ceremony to anyone who wanted to make a toast or a sweet blessing to the couple (Adams oldest son had every one in tears - the sweetest) and then the couple exchanged vows followed by dinner. It was by far one of the most intimate ceremonies I have ever been apart of and one I will remember forever.

Okay, now to the good part - LOADS AND LOADS of pictures.

Couple Photography, Tulsa Wedding, Floral

Couple Photography, Tulsa Wedding, Atlas Life Building

Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Floral

Bridal, BHLDN, Tulsa Wedding

Bridal, BHLDN, Tulsa Wedding

Wedding Cake, Flowers, Ludgers

Tulsa Wedding, Cake, Flowers, Ludgers

Bridal, Couple Photography, BHLDN

Blended family, Tulsa Wedding, Family Photography

Blended Family, Tulsa Photography

Blended Family

BHLDN, Tulsa Wedding, Couple Photography

Location: The Vault, Tulsa
Flowers: Bride
Cake: Ludgers
Dress: BHLDN



Y'all, its FINALLY hump day. We have made it halfway through this week. I've come down with a summer cold so this weekend can't come sooner. Relaxation and Rejuvenation is at the top of my to-do list. 

I recently received my first IPSY package and was so pleasantly surprised, I might even have to put some of the products to use during my restful weekend.

Have you heard of IPSY

Some of my girlfriends at work introduced me to this curated make-up/beauty subscription. Its only $10 a month for designer (full sized!!!) samples that come in a cute little pouch (which also changes monthly).

When you initially sign up IPSY has you fill out a form which asks you simple questions about your current beauty routine and the types of products you are interested in.  That being said, your products/pouch wont be the same as your BFF or even mine. Its individually packed for your interests! I love that! Heres what I got this month!!

Starting from the top : Royal eyeshadow brush, TWO BioRepublic masks, Elizabeth Mott Blush, Formula X nail polish, and Urban Decay eyeshadow

I tried the blush this morning and absolutely love it. For a powder blush it felt so creamy. I havent used the nail polish yet but I'm digging the color - I see a pedi in my future. As for the eyeshadow... eh... cant say it was my favorite. It has a great texture but was a tad too pink for my tastes.

These masks might be the product Im most excited to use. They arent a cream mask like I am accustomed to but a paper mask that you lay on your face like a cloth and peel off after 15-20 minutes. I can only imagine how refreshing the cucumber mask would feel after a day at the pool!

Last but not least the Royal Eyeshadow Brush - its mini in size but works like a charm. The blunt end is great for applying eyeshadow in your crease. I used the large end of the brush for applying highlighter on my cheek bones. love!

Call it the analyst in my but I went through and looked up how much the products retail for (not including the discount you can get through IPSY).  I was surprised at what quality and deal you get through IPSY to try a full sized sample! I am all about the try before you buy!

Royal eyeshadow brush - $5.99
TWO BioRepublic masks - $4.99 each
Elizabeth Mott Blush - $23 
Formula X nail polish - $10.50 for full size
Urban Decay eyeshadow - $19 for full size

So for $10 this month I received $68.47 in products - to be fair the nail polish and eyeshadow weren't quite full sized so lets cut out $10. Thats still $58 in products for $10(!) cant quite beat that. 

Have you tried ISPY yet? Do you love it? 

Interested? Try it out here!

Chairish: Coffee Table Must Haves

I was recently introduced to Chairish- have you heard of it? Their tagline is "where designers love to buy and sell" - simply put its a site you can shop some great pieces and also gather TONS of inspiration!

Today I'm joining up with them to talk about various "must haves" for a great coffee table, which to me all boils down to functionality. In my home (see the kitchen here and living room here) functionality is key - along with lots of eclectic pieces! I tend to be a "messy" person by nature - organization is not my forte - so having furniture and accessories that help keep me organized is essential.

So lets get to it! Chairish has tons and tons of coffee tables to choose from - you can browse here. I chose the Sarreid trunk with drawers for stowing away remotes, charger cords, and all those little knick-nacks you seem to find taking up residence on your coffee table. I love love love the mirrored gold and the fun hammered details. There are so many pieces of furniture that can serve as a coffee table and I love the idea of using a trunk to add a bit of spice to your living area.

As for must haves those to me are simple. I like to make sure I have color (flowers), storage for magazines and books (tray) and my favorite candle always lit (Capri Blue in volcano). I also love the idea of adding a little jewelry dish to put hair ties and bobbi pins in - laying on the couch at night seems to be the trigger for me to let my hair down - literally - so having a little dish to catch those odds and ends is great!

1 Capri Blue candle in Volcano (anthropology) 2 Square tray ( 3 Pineapple Jewelry dish (etsy) 4 faux flowers 5 assortment of books and magazines

Even my own coffee table at home has flowers, books/magazines, and storage. I definitely practice what I preach ;)

Now its your turn, what are your coffee table essentials? Are you more of storage guru or do you love a nice clean space?


Bridals // Lyndsey

The Tulsa Garden Center has always been one of my most favorite places to capture brides. Most days it stays pretty quiet with minimal crowds and the grounds are always kept immaculate, it's a photographers dream! 

You'll remember Lyndsey from her Engagements here - and soon you'll get to see her gorgeous wedding day. We took these a mere 5 days before her wedding and she was calm as can be - dream bride! I'm not that calm before a vacation let alone a wedding!!! 

Anyways, I'll let you get to the good stuff - Enjoy!


Sweat Equity

I've been trying to hit the gym hard lately and needed some new motivation. This playlist has quickly become one of my favorites. I find it easiest create my workout playlists on Spotify and "shuffle play" during my workout.

Let me know what you think! Motivating? Does it get you moving?

Enjoy your weekend, love!

A New Favorite Snack

About a month ago Tulsa got a new adult playground - Costco. I try to visit once a week but its starting to average out to about twice a week. I seriously cannot get enough, which is odd considering its not my first Costco experience. My parents have a Costco rather close to them and I used to ask my Mom to go every time I came home. Combine the new Costco with a new Trader Joe's and you'd have thought I won the lottery! 

I should take you through my Costco MUST.BUY list - but we will save that for another time. Today I wanted to share the knowledge on my new favorite concoction! Im currently in a wellness challenge at work and have put a pretty strict reign on my diet which limits any form of sugar - think honey, syrup, agave, splenda, etc. This has proven to be a tough challenge when looking for snacks to curb a hunger craving or sweet tooth.  

My absolute favorite snack, hands down, is my girl Skinny Pop. 150 cals for 3 3/4 cups and only THREE ingredients. There may or may not ALWAYS be a ziplock of this in my purse - and Costco's price cannot be beat.

I'm also a pretty big trail mix fan but all the ones I have found are either heavily salted or contain some form of sugar, typically in the dried fruit. So you can imagine how stoked I was when I found the Go Raw Trek Mix at Trader Joes. 
This mix has high quality nuts like almonds and walnuts with a few seeds added in and raisins. Mix that with the Super Berry Fusion dried berries from Costco and I think its the best - no sugar added - trail mix you'll ever lay hands on. Seriously

The Super Berry Fusion alone, for me personally, was too sweet (what?!) so adding it with the Trek Mix was the perfect blend. These dried berries would be great in oatmeal or on top of a salad. 

For a faux dessert last night, I blended up a few strawberries, pineapple, frozen fruit, and coconut milk and do have to say it was delish! It might have just been a glorified smoothie - thick albeit - but the sherbet consistency had me fooled. 

So tell me, what are your go to healthy snacks? Are you a grab an apple kind of muncher? Or are you like me and need some crunch?