Engagement // Lyndsey & Foster

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of snapping some beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. The weather was gorgeous and the flowers were all in bloom - not to mention that perfect golden hour light. Swoon.

It doesn't hurt to have such photogenic people in front of your lens either! Only 15 days until Ill be capturing their "I do's"!!!


Then to Now // Living Room

Seeing as the Kitchen update was such a big hit, I thought I would take some time and walk you through the rest of the house - starting with the living room.

This is the first room you see when you enter in the house and the room that has changed the most in terms of decorating over the past 5 years.

The biggest upgrades that happened in here were the closing of a coat closet that allowed for expansion of the master closet on the other side of the wall, refinishing of the wood floors, adding a ceiling fan, and paint.

Here is what the space looked like when I bought the house

This is the view you get upon entering the front door. Notice the carpet, no overhead lighting, and the kitchen in the background

Below is the view from the opening into the dining room/kitchen. The door to the left of the front door is the coat closet that got closed off.

Now onto what it looked like after I moved in... also known as a huge mess...

As I look back through these and all the furniture changes I have a moment of "What in the world was I thinking". Its like looking at high school pictures and wondering why I wore such outfits. Then again, I was decorating on a strict budget and had a eclectic taste. Don't get me wrong, I still have an eclectic taste but I am happy to watch my style and tastes evolve. 

Its so funny to think about how much I despise change in every aspect of my life - outside of decorating. Change is a constant around this house - things are always finding new homes in other rooms. If only I would be so flexible in my daily life. Yeah, aint gonna happen.

So here is the room...for now :)

So there you have it, the living room update! It looks so much more put together now, in my very humble opinion. What do you think?

Couch - Pottery Barn
Coffee table - Pier 1
Console Table - Pier 1
Curtains - estate sale
Wicker Basket - World Market
White Side Table - At Home
Rug - Rugs USA indoor/outdoor
Dresser - Estate sale refinished with Annie Sloan chalk paint


A Garden First

Radishes are known as the "workhorse" of the garden. They tend to be easy to grow and ward off tons and tons of pests, not to mention they can be planted with most any veggie or fruit. All of this to say, Ive never really had much luck with radishes.... until now

I was meandering in the garden one afternoon and notice some bright pink peeking through at me. I figured there was no way I really grew large, plump radishes but boy did I!

There were a few that were literally the size of my palm. My mom mentioned radishes can get "hot" if they stay in the ground too long so I pulled the majority of them immediately. 

Here is the real question, what in the world do I do with alllll these radishes? I saw some recipes on pickling them, are they tasty that way? Radish greens, what should I do with those also? Help!

Im not sure I even really like radishes but I do LOVE the color and how accomplished I feel to grow such a loot. 

Okay, seriously, radish recipes STAT.

Then to Now // Kitchen

Its been so long since I have posted any house updates... years actually. When I first bought my house it needed a face lift in a major way. The kitchen was virtually unusable and had not been updated since the house was built in 1954. These were the pictures I took the day I got the keys

Everything had to go. The cabinet lay out wasn't going to work and I needed to make room for a dishwasher so we literally tore the entire thing out.

I had matching hardwoods laid - under the carpet throughout the house were the original hardwoods - all the praise hands! I decided to switch the direction of the planks to keep from creating more work and to this day love how it separates the kitchen from the dining room. From there I had custom cabinets made and a window closed in to make room for the fridge.

This would have been the last time you saw this space...

And here is what it looks like today...

I recently removed the green chevron for a cleaner look. There were moments I thought it might just look too plain without the chevron but I can honestly say, I love the change. 

The cabinets on either side of the fridge pull out for storage - hands down the best idea I had in this kitchen. There isn't a pantry in the house so these two hidden gems serve as a make shift pantry.

Can you believe the change in this one space? Heck its hard for be to believe how much its changed in just the past few years! For giggles lets do some more side by side looks





So what do you think? Any big remodels happening at your house lately? There is a tiny part of me thats ready for the next flip... just a tiny part.

Butcher Block Counters: IKEA
Sink: IKEA
All appliances: Fridgidaire
Cabinets: Broken Arrow Woodworks
Subway Tile : Home Depot
Both Light fixtures: IKEA