Life Lately: Take One

Its official, we made it to Friday. Now I can spend the next two days getting everything done that I couldn't accomplish in the week. Just call me Pollyanna.

I'm hoping to do a little painting around the house, namely the kitchen, and get some cabinets organized in the bathroom. Contain your excitement. Every morning I have this tidal wave of hair products spill out from under my sink, and every morning it drives me nuts. Not anymore though. Organization here I come.

So what else has been going on? I tried cupcakes from a local bakery/candy store this past week. Holy decadent. I had two bites and achieved my sugar fill for the week. They were SO tasty though but you could easily split one between two people.

Every week I buy romaine lettuce and chop it up for salads to eat on during the week. It stores so well wrapped in a paper towel in a large ziplock bag and makes putting a salad together THAT much easier. This past week after I cut up my Romaine I noticed a little natures ombre. Pretty  

I know you're dying for yet another garden update. Square feet markers have been put out - ie twine - and the zucchini and squash got planted. Then it proceeded to rain for 3 days straight making me a nervous Nelly. Water is great for gardens - to an extent - most plants don't like to get their feet wet (sit in water) so tooooo much rain can piss your plants off. Looks like everyone is still happy as a clam at the moment.

What else my friends? Anything new in your neck of the woods?

Alright, well I'm off to peruse the isles of target looking for organization tools but probably leaving with half the store instead.

Happy Weekend

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  1. I cant believe it's been so long since I checked your blog! I honestly hadn't logged into this account in almost 6 months. I went through an incredibly sad, nasty, tragic, heartbreaking break up in November and it seems like every day I pick up and drop more pieces of myself. I write about that on my person blog- emilyissingle So. Anyway. Let me get caught up here. Your garden is so much more tidy than mine! But you were always way more handy with tools than I anyway! I'm in a house now, but I rent. I'd really like to put a wood border around it to discourage the dog from running through it but I don't have a drill....