Dig this - Garden Update

I cant believe we are halfway through April already - weren't we just celebrating the new year? Lets be honest, wasn't I just graduating from college? Oh time, you beautiful and mean mean thing.

Moving on. Spring has officially sprung and my garden is getting some major attention lately. Crossing my fingers, but I think we have passed any threat of evening/early morning frost and I am taking the leap. Time to get some maters in the ground.

I seriously day dream about my garden. What should I plant? When? Spacing? Should I try square foot gardening or stick to my random plantings? My day dreaming has since turned into an obsession. A color coded excel drawing of my garden, obsession.

So what do I have in the pipeline? My hope is to get tomatoes, bell peppers, and hot peppers planted this weekend. Zucchini, squash, egg plant, beans, pollinators (i'm looking at you marigolds) and some herbs planted in the next few weeks.

After that all that will be left is getting the soil nice and warm for the cantaloupe and watermelon.

This is the first year I have also tried starting various plants from seed. Its like a 4th grade science experiment at my house and I'm loving it. They start to pop their little heads out of the dirt and I get all sorts of giddy.

Lord I need a life.


The sprouts you see are zucchini and squash with beans following soon and hopefully some eggplant. I also seeded some lettuce a few weeks ago and starting to see them gain some traction in the garden.

Oh! The potatoes are starting to surface in my buckets - give it a few more weeks and I'll be covering them up again!! I do have to say, it took them a solid 3-4 weeks to show any foliage and I actually thought I might have lost them all. If you're in the same boat give it some time - and make sure they are getting optimal drainage.

Lots of work ahead but the exciting part is reaping what you sow. Ah. So excited! Happy Weekend Lovelies.


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  1. I did all of my plants from seed also! But... I didn't re-amend the soil from last year and I think it was just too compacted and it doesn't have enough "food" in it.... Everything is growing so slowly... Except the beets. I've been really sad. Work has been super slow so I haven't invested money in soil and part of me wishes I had, but... Ugh.