I like to grow things

Mini panic attacks are almost a daily occurrence for me and not because I have great responsibility. My earbuds aren't in my workout bag - panic I might actually have to workout without music. No almond milk in the fridge - panic now I have to used powder creamer. Obviously I worry about very life altering, world ending things.

The sun is out on a steady basis, birds are chirping, trees are budding - major panic I haven't started thinking about my garden for this season. Lucky for me, and you, its not quite time to get all our summer crops in the ground yet but its definitely time to start planning. I already have onions planted and garlic in the ground from the fall (they harvest late spring) so now its onto summer planning.

If you don't have a garden (raised or not) you can still start planning now for a great container garden. I used to think container gardens were only comprised of tomatoes and herbs - wrong. There are some awesome veggies and leafy greens you can grow in containers.

Did you know potatoes (all non sweet potato varieties) are GREAT container plants? As a matter of fact I plan on doing a few containers of them myself this year even though I have a raised bed.  I'll walk you through my process when I start in the next few weeks. All you need are a few potatoes (various varieties if you like), a large pot, and some garden soil.

Another great container plant is onion - you can cut the greens off the top and use them as you would like in salads, soups, on potatoes, etc while your bulbs grow throughout the spring/early summer.

Outside of my current onions and garlic this year I am going to give watermelon the good college try along with my usual tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, and squash. The thing about planning for your garden now is you can start to do some research on the best growing methods for your crops. For example, watermelon has to be started from seed because it doesn't take to transplanting, so, I have to get seeds started inside in the next few weeks. I also know they LOVE the heat and because of this I don't want to put them outside to early and risk temps getting below 70 during the day.

In the past few years I always make sure to plant cherry tomatoes and this might be the first year I am going to back away. Not because I don't like them or because they are hard to grow - the exact opposite actually - but because I want to challenge myself a bit more. Lets all hope this isn't the summer of zero tomato crop!

I also thought long and hard about trying corn and okra in the raised bed but came to the conclusion that corn is cheap as is (I like to grow things that are expensive and I can store - ie butternut squash) and I'm not sure I would eat a ton of okra. Have you ever done either?

Next weekend I'm adding another raised bed to my garden and cant wait to get the extra space ready for lots of fun planting.

Okay, so... Tell me, what are you wanting to grow this spring/summer season? Have you started planning?

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