Beaded Belt - DIY

Praise the good Lord above - its Wednesday! 

I have been dragging this week - I'm not sure if it was all the Easter festivities or what but someone give this girl a nap. 

At the beginning of March I was in a wedding of my dear friend Alyssa. I was lucky enough to wear a bridesmaid dress I absolutely LOVED - as in I will definitely wear it again. The only draw back was the front was very simple and I'm a bling kind of girl. I mentioned to Alyssa the idea of adding a belt and she was 100% game. After looking around I realized these belts are EXPENSIVE. I seriously couldn't find a beaded belt for less than $50. 

Like any true DIY-er I figured I could make one myself for way cheaper and boy was I right. 

$10 and 10 minutes of time - seriously that easy.

I grabbed this headband from Ulta thinking it would be the best addition to my navy gown. Turning it into a belt proved to be as simple as I thought

I cut the elastic band off the back of the headband. See where it loops in the picture above? All I had to do was cut the rubber band on each side of the headband and pull it through the loop. So easy and left me with the perfect beaded strip for a belt!

Once I had my headband deconstructed all I had to do was add it to 2 yards of satin ribbon. Aleene's tacky glue has been around FOREVER and works like a charm - not to mention dries clear!

I found the center in both the beaded strip and the satin ribbon by folding them in half. This seemed to me to be the easiest way to ensure the belt was centered. If you would prefer to measure - go right ahead!

After gluing the beading down I felt like I needed to secure it to the ribbon while the glue dried. Clothespins to the rescue - they did their job like a champ. After about 30 minutes the glue was dry enough to wear my sassy new belt. I put this together in MAYBE 10 minutes but made sure to do it a few days before the wedding in case there were any snags. 

Final result?

The perfect amount of bling to a gorgeous bridesmaids dress!

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