Back in action

Its been way too long since we've talked. Life moves so fast and gets in the way so easily... but I'm back. You've missed me tragically I can tell.

My goal is to come to this space MUCH more regularly this year - I need the creative outlet and the creative push. Not to mention I've got this long list of things to do... 30 to be exact and accountability will be nice.

So lets start there. Number 29 on my list was to participate in Lent. I'm not going to lie... I forgot it was on the list. I guess there is some truth in the old adage "Better late than never". I thought through the typical things to give up - alcohol, Facebook, sugar, coffee.... I landed on giving up alcohol for about 6 seconds until I realized that would mean not drinking at a wedding I'm in this weekend. Uh, no. To which every one is gives a puzzled look - "but Sarah, its about sacrifice" - and you know what you're right. I'm going to make the biggest sacrifice - the hardest change - the Mt Everest of Lent

 I'm giving up the snooze button.

Two days in and I'm actually doing well. Typically my alarm is set at 6:30-6:45 when I SHOULD be getting up... most days though I snooze for at least 30 minutes but lets get real, its more like 45 minutes - 1 hour. Its crazy, I know, but those 5 minute sleep increments between alarms is like the best sleep you'll ever get. ever.
Monday should be a real joy.
On another note... how did Super Tuesday treat you?

I say for the rest of the week we should forget politics and only indulge in those things that bring us joy.

Jen Hatmaker said it the best:

I'm adding queso in large quantities, cold beer in a salt rimmed glass, and pictures of sleeping puppies.
Got any more ideas?
It feels good to be back. I'm thinking tomorrow you're going to get the entire lowdown on the Austin Bachelorette party I went to a few weeks back - its only right considering Alyssa (the bride) is getting married Saturday! Contain your excitement please.
Until then - enjoy your self care (joy) tasks!

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