Bachelorette Party: Austin

At the end of January we all headed south to Austin for a fun weekend getaway - 15 girls celebrating this bride to be!

Yes you read that right. Fifteen girls. How we managed to coordinate schedules and get everyone out of town at the same time is beyond me.

The bridal party decided early on that with that many guests we didn't want to get hotel rooms. Instead we scoured VRBO and found the most perfect villa on Lake Austin that slept 24(!).

We had the sweetest welcome gifts for all the girls when they arrived. Everyone had assigned rooms - we've watched one too many Real Housewives vacation episodes to know room assignments are a must.

Since our "theme" was glaming - think glamorous camping - we made sure to add in SMORES wherever we could. Obviously we are original and Pinterest aint got nothing on this bridal party!

Each room had prepackaged s'more kit and a schedule of the weekend

The goods! Koozie, ring pop, mini champs, hair ties, heart glasses, personalized mimosa glass, face wipes, gum, Advil. The best survival kit out there


Our first night was extremely relaxed with pizza, wine and a lingerie shower. I put together the best game of bachelorette balderdash ever - Ill share that soon!

Stacey, our planner MVP, also put together the sweetest guest book. Each guest took a turn kissing the "guest book" and signing their name. Afterwards we had a picture of the weekend framed with all our sweet kisses!

Saturday is when all the fun realllly started to happen. We had a party bus scheduled from 10am - 1am to shuttle us all around Austin. VIP status. Starting with brunch and then off to winery tours, lunch at Salt Lick (omg to die for) and then into Austin for dinner and a night out on the town. There might have been a 2 hour nap window built in there.

Little did we know the day had some major detours ahead. Starting with a bit of car sickness that had us stopped at a CVS followed up with this...

No your eyes have not deceived you, that is our WHEEL completely off the back of the bus and 15 girls standing on the side of the rode. The entire wheel fell off the bus.. How does this even happen? Thankfully UBER was around and got all of us safely to the winery while we waited on a new bus to arrive.

Even with all the crazy happenings this was by far my favorite bachelorette party ever. Its just so nice to get away for the weekend with a bunch of awesome girls and celebrate one of the best. 

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