As most of you know I tasked myself with trying new recipes. They might not be exciting or fancy but they have really come in handy as of late.

First up. The Soft Boiled Egg.

Heard of it? Seems to be all the Pinterest rage. I love eggs over easy but hate that plasticy (for lack of a better word) film they can get sometimes. Poached eggs are great (still give you a runny yolk) but they can be kind of a pain to make. Since I have a thing for runny yolks I tried a soft boiled egg.

You can find time tables like this all over pinterest

Four minutes is supposed to be the magic number but for me its been rather hit or miss. Here are a few tips I have acquired trying to master the soft boiled egg:
- Vinegar & Salt in the water is a must for easy peel
- Boil for 4 minutes exactly. Not 4 minutes and 3 seconds
- Put the eggs immediately into cold water to stop the cooking process

My first round turned out better than my second - you can see more of a hard boiled yolk texture in the second. This is my favorite go to - along with skillet green beans (pictured with both meals) - when I am in a time crunch for dinner or want something tasty but light.

Next up - what to do with all these garden veggies!?!

If you follow me on instagram you've seen more than your fair share of pictures like this

There is only so much you can do with unlimited amount of cherry tomatoes/basil/jalapenos. This week I decided to take a stab at canning. To be honest it always seemed a bit over my skill level but I am happy to report its rather easy.

Pickled Jalapenos = piece of cake. I cut them in slices (rings) while I sanitized the jars and then boiled some "brine". The brine is simply equal parts water and vinegar and a touch of canning salt. Seriously, that's it. Once the brine boiled for about 5 minutes and the jars were sanitized I added the sliced jalapenos to the jars with a clove of fresh garlic in each and poured the hot brine over the top until it was almost full, leaving a small space at the top for air. As a part of canning you have to then submerge your jars in hot boiling water for 10 minutes to get a good seal (this is why they stay good for so long). That's it. All done.

I also canned salsa but more on that later :)

So tell me, any good recipes lately that I should try?