Thred Up

Have you heard of Thred Up? This is no stitch fix... you make some moola this way rather than blow it on a box of clothes you may or may not keep.

I have a few items (ended up being fourteen total) that were too nice to hand over to Goodwill but not worthy of the time and effort of a garage sale. Nicer brand stuff - think Loft/Steve Madden/Gap. Don't be fooled this girl has no high end clothing; the priciest you get in my closet is Banana Republic full price which is one in a million.

Enter in Thred Up.

Consignment for the lazy... or greedy... you decide.

Its so simple - request a donation bag online - receive said donation bag in the mail - fill up the bag and send it off.

In a moment of full disclosure, I've had this bag sitting on my dining room table waiting to be filled for two and a half weeks. Procrastinator much?

The criteria for clothes to make it to consignment are pretty steep - specific brands and items cant be more than a few years old in mint condition.

See those strappy Steve Madden heals in nude? Loudest, squeakiest, uncomfortable shoe known to (wo)Man.

In this donation bag I handed over a sleeveless Loft blouse (too tight on my shoulders now), three cardigans, four shirts, two pairs of nude heels, two rain coats, and two pairs of jeans. If you're counting that's 14 items on their way to hopefully be consigned and bring in the big bucks... I'd take $20. Oh and it counts towards my Thirty before Thirty donation items! Only 86 more items to go.

For the items that didn't make the cool kids cut, Thred Up will either send them back to you or donate them on your behalf. I chose to donate them because lets be honest, if this stuff comes back it may never leave again.

The best part about this whole thing - you can shop the consignment clothes too! Men, Women, Kids, Baby - all of it at great prices.

Use this link to get $20 off your first order!


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