16 months

I'm not sure how it happens but time can seem so short and so far away all at once. I cant remember what I had for dinner three nights ago but thinking back on fond childhood memories seems like just yesterday.

16 months from today I will turn 30. For starters I don't feel adult enough to be thirty - I would say at best guess I'm still 24. How was time gone so fast? It is so true when they tell you it only moves faster the older you get. For this milestone birthday I wanted to be intentional so I jumped on the bandwagon per say and created a "30 things to do before I turn 30" list. A little kick in the rear to get out there and do things that are out of my everyday norm. I plan on documenting the process so get ready for posts of random things Im purging and book reviews

1. Eat at a nice restaurant alone
2. Purge 100 items
3. Host a dinner
4. Try 10 new recipes
5. Visit a new beach
6. Learn to play tennis... again
7. Read 15 new books (audio books count!)
8. Visit Chicago
9. Pay off all debt
10. Send snail mail
11. Read the entire bible
12. Feel comfortable in my own skin
13. Take a fabulous 30th birthday trip
14. Go to Vegas
15. Play hookie
16. Reconnect with an old friend
17. Go to a Mass service
18. Skinny Dip
19. Hit my goal savings amount
20. Organize the shed
21. Print my favorite photos
22. Pay for a strangers coffee
23. Learn to shoot a gun
24. Have a huge garage sale
25. Capture more every day life
26. Get Murphy out more
27. Establish a safe place for important documents
28. Learn to change a tire
29. Participate in Lent
30. Set three fitness goals and achieve them
And because no one likes posts with out pictures here are some images that are totally unrelated!

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