Girl on the train

As a part of my Thirty before Thirty I promised to read 15 new books. What I was thinking when I decided that, I'm not sure.  To be honest, I would much rather watch Real Housewives or Big Brother in the evenings instead of reading a book. Simple minded? Maybe. Up to date on reality tv? Always!

So, due to my inability to put down the remote I have turned to audio books to meet my book quota. Side note - audio books are the jam especially if you have a fancy car like me that doesn't have Sirius or an aux port to plug your phone into and your other choice for entertainment is zee radio.

In full disclosure I did try to read this one via hard copy and got 8 pages in and never picked it back up. Then I decided to try my luck listening to it instead - BINGO. The narrator(s) are British - DOUBLE BINGO!
It took me some time to get into this one - slow moving at first and a little sporadic - almost a bit depressing. Then out of no where it starts to really pick up and by the end I was making laps around the neighborhood just to hear what happens next! I wouldn't call this a "beach read", which is my typical go to, but instead a good weekend thriller.
The main character Rachel is a tad nosey and very much an alcoholic and gets herself into a predicament when a girl she doesn't know from Adam goes missing. There were a few times I couldn't believe she was making the choices she was and thought she had lost her ever loving mind. By the end though I love her and feel so sorry for her - like can I please just cook you dinner and hug you. There are a few guys in the book that you will want to kick in their man junk and another girl (Anna) that is like the meanest of mean girls. Overall it kept me very engaged and made me ask a few fellow reader friends if they have picked it up yet. If you have an aversion to reading about alcoholics/adultery/murder I would point you in a different direction than this one. However, if you want to feel like at least my problems aren't THAT bad then grab this one stat.
On a scale of 1 - 10 // one being that I didn't even get half way through and 10 being Hunger Games // I give this one an 8.
Now go read it and let me know what you think!

16 months

I'm not sure how it happens but time can seem so short and so far away all at once. I cant remember what I had for dinner three nights ago but thinking back on fond childhood memories seems like just yesterday.

16 months from today I will turn 30. For starters I don't feel adult enough to be thirty - I would say at best guess I'm still 24. How was time gone so fast? It is so true when they tell you it only moves faster the older you get. For this milestone birthday I wanted to be intentional so I jumped on the bandwagon per say and created a "30 things to do before I turn 30" list. A little kick in the rear to get out there and do things that are out of my everyday norm. I plan on documenting the process so get ready for posts of random things Im purging and book reviews

1. Eat at a nice restaurant alone
2. Purge 100 items
3. Host a dinner
4. Try 10 new recipes
5. Visit a new beach
6. Learn to play tennis... again
7. Read 15 new books (audio books count!)
8. Visit Chicago
9. Pay off all debt
10. Send snail mail
11. Read the entire bible
12. Feel comfortable in my own skin
13. Take a fabulous 30th birthday trip
14. Go to Vegas
15. Play hookie
16. Reconnect with an old friend
17. Go to a Mass service
18. Skinny Dip
19. Hit my goal savings amount
20. Organize the shed
21. Print my favorite photos
22. Pay for a strangers coffee
23. Learn to shoot a gun
24. Have a huge garage sale
25. Capture more every day life
26. Get Murphy out more
27. Establish a safe place for important documents
28. Learn to change a tire
29. Participate in Lent
30. Set three fitness goals and achieve them
And because no one likes posts with out pictures here are some images that are totally unrelated!


The other 2%

Exactly one week ago I put out a plea on facebook about my precious kitty child who had run off to explore and had yet to return home. I drove the neighborhood, calling for her out the window like the crazy cat lady I have become to no avail. There is a good chance I checked the front and backdoor no less than 265 million times thinking she might, just might, have come back during that walk from the couch to the backdoor and then to the front door. Nope.

Wouldn't you know the next morning when I pulled my tired arse out of bed and let Murphy out - little miss street hussy decided to show her face. Truth be told I was 98% relieved to have her back and know she was okay. That other 2%.... well that is what I need to talk about.

You see, over the fourth of July I was in and out for a few days. Gone Friday and Saturday back Sunday (for all of 15 min) and then out again until Tuesday. My coming and going did nothing but "piss" miss thang off... literally.

She decided to hit me in the jugular. Take me to the cleaners. Give it her best shot. You get the point.

And her best shot... well it hurt...

Two pairs of tennis shoes - peed in

My PRECIOUS cast iron skillet that was sitting out stove top - peed in

Dishtowel draped nicely over the sink - peed on

Veggie bowl full of nuts/seeds/veggies/non refrigerated foods - PEED IN

I'm not quite sure I remember the last time someone was that mad at me. Maybe 9th grade when Alicia had to wake up early - on a Saturday morning post sleep over - to go to tennis practice and couldn't get back into her own house afterwards. Thus leading her to throw rocks at the bedroom window, which woke me up enough for me to get out of bed and see her standing in the driveway and turn around and go back to bed. She ended up sleeping in the back of her car until someone woke up (2 hours later) and let her in.

Even this episode of excessive urination tops that. Maggie girl was mad. So when the thought of her not coming home crossed my mind my heart ALMOST broke in half. I would be a liar if I didn't confess there was a tiny part of me that relished in the idea of being able to leave bath towels out and folded without the possibility of retaliation.

Since her stint on the street, my sweet precious kitty cat has gotten mad that I wouldn't let her back out to go whoop it up with her friends and has taken it out on a poor packing envelope sitting on dining room table. Soaked to the bone. Looks like that's a $1.37 down the drain.