A big hug round the neck

I have to start today by saying "Thank you". Seriously. I was completely shocked at the response to yesterdays post.

Thank you for understanding
Thank you for listening
Thank you for your encouragement
Thank you for your honesty
Thank you for doing life along side of me.

Thank you.

Two weeks ago our senior pastor called our church body to a fast. If I am being completely honest I have always shrugged off "corporate" fasts thinking that God would call me to fast when he wanted me to - not my pastor. Though that is true, God can call us individually to fast, he also speaks through the leaders in our life. This time I decided to participate and see what God had to show me through this time of fasting.

If you are familiar with fasting then you know it's kind of like fight club. The first rule of fasting is you don't talk about fasting. Then there's me - sitting here talking about fasting.

Yes, I am going to talk about my fast but not to complain or wallow but to share with you a few things I have learned.

1. God works in mighty mighty ways when he calls his people to a fast. Hello job loss. His timing is impeccable.

2. Study. Draw near. Pull close. Learn. Rest.

I've never really been taught how to "study" scripture. There are daily devotionals and sure you can read a few scriptures a day but how do I really dig deep? Our pastor shared an example of taking scripture and dissecting it - studying it.

Thats what I want to share most with you today.

I started with Luke 1:45 // Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished //

Take each word and see how it relates to you, to the other words in the passage, the definition, what is its purpose in this verse..

Here is an example of what I did with the verse above

What I ultimately came to through my time of study was God was saying a lot of things to me through this verse

He is telling me that I am made holy (and you too) when we accept who Christ is and what he has done for us - through this his promises to us will all come to fruition. WHEW.

You'll see I jotted down a few things that he has spoken to me recently (and through this passage): stop worrying, refocus, slow down, I will never leave you... What has he spoken to you lately?

Try it. Take a verse that is really speaking into your life right now. Dissect it. See what God tells you through the process. Then glance back at it throughout the week. You will be surprised what new meanings it takes on.

I would love for you to share your various study habits/scriptures you are dissecting. Tag me on instagram/facebook or shoot me an email. Enjoy your day friends.

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