Life : Where I come from

When I was in high school on of my most favorite songs was "Where I come from" by Kenny Chesney. I mean Kenny Chesney was pretty legit y'all. The opening line of the song says

 "Well in the town I was born and raised // the clock ticked and the cattle grazed"

I guess the whole point of that little intro I created is because I am about to show you a bunch of 
pictures of cattle grazing. Who doesn't like looking at a bunch of Moo Cows? 

The past few times I have gone home my mom has wanted me to grab pictures of longhorns (I only captured one longhorn - the rest are just steers and heifers - don't miss the donkey) by our house and I haven't ever had time. Over Christmas we made time. Though I swear they were asking each other who those two crazy ladies were. No lie, I did my best MOOOO imitation to call them close, though, it was more like a grunt rather than a true MOOOO

Cant you just read the "you ladies be cray cray" in their eyes?

Did you spy the mommas in the crowd? There were about four or five cow mommas in the crowd. 

It was a riveting post today. I know, I know. Enjoy that MOO cow.

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  1. I love pictures of cows! I take them all the time. Love the lighting in the third one.