Create : Table Top S'mores

Now that all Christmas gifts have been opened I can finally tell you all about the gifts I made this year.

First up - a table top s'mores maker for my brother.

I saw a picture online of one of these but came with no directions or how to. Like any true DIY-er I used the picture as inspiration and made my own variation.

For this I used :

CorningWare Ramekin from Target
Remnant wood
4 - 1/4" machine screws with accompanying nuts (these were 6" long)
Sterno "cooking fuel" - aka the thing you put under a chafing dish

To make the hole in my remnant piece of wood I used a jig saw. Since a jig saw cuts solely based on the user I needed to draw my circle that the corningware would fit into. This was a bit tricky seeing as the ramekin slowly got wider from bottom to rim. My dad had the brilliant idea of finding a cup the ramekin sat in and use that for a "template"

After my circle was drawn it was time to bring out the power tools. 

I started by drilling a hole so that the jig saw blade had an entry point and then slooooowly cut my hole.

With a jig saw the hole/cut will never be perfect - but thankfully I had a ramekin to cover up my imperfections.

To place the screws I had to make sure an measure equal distance on all for corners. I simply measured in 1/2 in and then over 1/2 in using my tape measure as my guide.

Once I had my markings all made I drilled four holes and added the screws/washers/nuts.

In total I think this project (I made two) took about 30 minutes. So simple and easy!

These would be great at a dinner party for s'mores desert or a fondue night!

If we are being honest, once the weather warms up I plan on making myself a set too 

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