Handmade Christmas : For the Party People

According to Pinterest, this post has gotten a lot of love. What is funny and sad all rolled into one is how last minute and terrible that post was. Since I decided to make some more painted glasses this Christmas, I thought why not give you guys a better tutorial of how to make hand painted glassware.

 This go around I wanted to use martini glasses and instead of pencil erasers decided to go with q-tips.

Lets look at this easy DIY in a step by step fashion:

1. wash and dry your glasses
2. set out your paint (I used a paper bag) and Q-Tips. For ease of use I used a Q-tip for each color

3. Start at the base of your glass and make your dots with the first color. I like the look of the dots becoming less clustered as they reach the rim. To do this make all your dots around the glass at the base and then spread them out as you work your way down the glass. 

4. After adding your first color around the entire glass start at the base again with your second color. 

5. Acrylic paint dries rather quickly so you should not have issues with paint colors bleeding

6. Once finished with your second (or third or forth) color set your glass out to dry

7. After the paint is completed dry bake in a 350 degree oven for 15 min to set the paint. (if you bake before the paint is dry it will bubble)

There you have it - toss in a tumbler set and you have yourself a fabulous handmade Christmas gift! You could even add a fun Peppermint Vodka or Chocolate wine. 

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