Great Finds

I have never been an expensive make up kind of girl. Honestly, I am not sure the cosmetic counter offers much more than the drugstore. If we want to be even more honest, I usually just buy whats on sale. Now, that hasn't always panned out as planned but for the most part I think drugstore makeup works just fine.

Recently I have notice my concealer wasn't quite holding up like I would have liked. In true penny pincher fashion, I waited until I scraped every last ounce of the sub par concealer out of the tube before beginning the search for a new product.

After browsing the "I'm not here to buy expensive make up" side of Ulta I came upon NYX. I have read a few places that if you ever want the wholesale price but quality of MAC buy NYX.

I ended up coming home with three products: primer, concealer, and powder.

Ultimately I really love all three, but I am OVER THE MOON with the concealer. Seriously, amaze.

 Most days I do concealer, powder, blush, eye make up - done. When I am trying to get fancy I will do a primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye make up. But in the case of transparency I will let you know that fancy regime happens maybe once every two weeks.

So lets talk about why I love these products so much. No only do I feel like the concealer covers like a champ - but I feel like most concealers don't blend well. This stuff is magic. It seriously just disappears into your skin.

I decided to go with the redness reducing primer (green one) mainly because my face still thinks I am 16 and breaks out like a hormonal teenager. Its pretty incredible how smooth this primer makes my skin feel. Its like modge podge for pores - covers it all up all while helping my make up stick in place!

The HD powder foundation is a compressed powder that I use with a brush to make it go on more like a loose powder. I love that though it does cover and clears up any shininess it doesn't make you look as though there is no dimension to your skin. It does just like it says - helps you stay matte not flat.

Okay - PSA done. Now go get yourself some of that magical concealer. The others are pretty great too.

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  1. "It's like modge podge for pores"

    and THIS is why I love you