Create : Shoe Storage

WHAT?!? A DIY post? Who knew I did something other than throw parties and take pictures??

Though this isn't a profound DIY - it has come in mighty useful.

In true Sarah form - lets keep this real from the start. My closet looks like a small toddler got hyped on sugar and used it for their own personal playground. I can hear my mom saying right now "if you would just put things back where they belong" yada yada yada. **rolls eyes**

I know, its a total disaster. My biggest issue - aside from my clothes having zero order - was that my shoes didn't all fit in the designated area. Those little cubies provided more than enough room but it would mean I had to stack my shoes. Previously, I kept all my heels/nice shoes in their boxes but I soon realized they never made it back to their boxes and if they did it wasn't the appropriate box, thus I was spending way to much time finding the pair I went looking for.

  One day I had this epiphany. What if I hung my heels from tension rods allowing for the others to sit nicely under them? In my head it worked - that is until you go looking for a tension rod that is 18-28in in length. Those are like a dime a dozen. After trying a few variations I found the ones below at Lowes for $2 a rod. Three rods later we were in business.

Note:: I had to hang some of the rods at a slight angle to hold the heavier shoes. I found the side of the rod that extended was a little less sturdy. 


There are a few shoes outside of my flats/tennis shoes that don't exactly fit on the rods - namely wedges - but those just sit nicely on the bottom shelf. I haven't had any loud bangs in the night and all my shoes are still hanging nicely - so I would say this is a win for team Sarah!


  1. Where did you get the rods Sarah?

    1. I ended up finding these are Lowes - it took a few trips though because every time I went they were sold out