Capture: The Bowlings

Such a sweet couple and cute to boot! Working with these three was a piece of cake, well, until Bentley saw a squirrel and nearly took off his mom and dads arm on a mission to "play". But seriously, couples like this just make my job so easy!


Life : Chew Toy

I eat quite a bit of fresh broccoli. Granted I saute it, roast it, and all around change the form of "fresh"  broccoli but either way there is always a stem that accompanies the broccoli I eat.

This little tree trunk of sorts is Murphy's new favorite treat. In all honesty, he eats this MUCH faster than any bone/treat/rawhide I have ever given him. Typically he just carries those things around and howls. But a broccoli trunk - oh boy - that's a different story.

You see - he waits patiently - for about 3 seconds

Seriously, 3 seconds is all you get before he starts going to crazy town

Once he has attained this prized possession there is no grabbing his attention

Hey, Murphy - I'm petting Maggie and showing her all sorts of attention....

*chomp chomp chomp*

Do you want to go in the car?

Oh! Look! That got a glance

*chomp chomp chomp*

I let you eat out of the litter box for three days if you look at me....

*chomp chomp chomp*

Listen lady, I'm trying to enjoy my broccoli over here...

*chomp chomp chomp*

*chomp chomp chomp*

Must get every last bit of this green delight.

*enter vacuum cleaner mode*

Now, go forth and try this new phenomenon and then come back and tell me if my dog is the exception to the rule 


Celebrate : Operation Burn Boob - OVER

Today is a big day - huge day - a day for celebration. Today my Mom received her last radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Today we pray that this is the last time we every have to speak those words together. Mom and Breast Cancer.

That lady - she's tough and courageous and the best mom I could have ever imagined. 

Everyone always says Moms should be Moms - not strive to be your best friend - but I am here to tell you that she is the best friend I have ever had. Ever.

Congratulations Momma. You are loved.


Life : Fear

"The focus is not on how can I fear less, but on how do I trust GOD more"

"You don't have a fear problem, you have a faith problem"

and the best one

"Fear trades in the market of our imagination"

- sermon on Daniel


Great Finds

I have never been an expensive make up kind of girl. Honestly, I am not sure the cosmetic counter offers much more than the drugstore. If we want to be even more honest, I usually just buy whats on sale. Now, that hasn't always panned out as planned but for the most part I think drugstore makeup works just fine.

Recently I have notice my concealer wasn't quite holding up like I would have liked. In true penny pincher fashion, I waited until I scraped every last ounce of the sub par concealer out of the tube before beginning the search for a new product.

After browsing the "I'm not here to buy expensive make up" side of Ulta I came upon NYX. I have read a few places that if you ever want the wholesale price but quality of MAC buy NYX.

I ended up coming home with three products: primer, concealer, and powder.

Ultimately I really love all three, but I am OVER THE MOON with the concealer. Seriously, amaze.

 Most days I do concealer, powder, blush, eye make up - done. When I am trying to get fancy I will do a primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye make up. But in the case of transparency I will let you know that fancy regime happens maybe once every two weeks.

So lets talk about why I love these products so much. No only do I feel like the concealer covers like a champ - but I feel like most concealers don't blend well. This stuff is magic. It seriously just disappears into your skin.

I decided to go with the redness reducing primer (green one) mainly because my face still thinks I am 16 and breaks out like a hormonal teenager. Its pretty incredible how smooth this primer makes my skin feel. Its like modge podge for pores - covers it all up all while helping my make up stick in place!

The HD powder foundation is a compressed powder that I use with a brush to make it go on more like a loose powder. I love that though it does cover and clears up any shininess it doesn't make you look as though there is no dimension to your skin. It does just like it says - helps you stay matte not flat.

Okay - PSA done. Now go get yourself some of that magical concealer. The others are pretty great too.


Create : Shoe Storage

WHAT?!? A DIY post? Who knew I did something other than throw parties and take pictures??

Though this isn't a profound DIY - it has come in mighty useful.

In true Sarah form - lets keep this real from the start. My closet looks like a small toddler got hyped on sugar and used it for their own personal playground. I can hear my mom saying right now "if you would just put things back where they belong" yada yada yada. **rolls eyes**

I know, its a total disaster. My biggest issue - aside from my clothes having zero order - was that my shoes didn't all fit in the designated area. Those little cubies provided more than enough room but it would mean I had to stack my shoes. Previously, I kept all my heels/nice shoes in their boxes but I soon realized they never made it back to their boxes and if they did it wasn't the appropriate box, thus I was spending way to much time finding the pair I went looking for.

  One day I had this epiphany. What if I hung my heels from tension rods allowing for the others to sit nicely under them? In my head it worked - that is until you go looking for a tension rod that is 18-28in in length. Those are like a dime a dozen. After trying a few variations I found the ones below at Lowes for $2 a rod. Three rods later we were in business.

Note:: I had to hang some of the rods at a slight angle to hold the heavier shoes. I found the side of the rod that extended was a little less sturdy. 


There are a few shoes outside of my flats/tennis shoes that don't exactly fit on the rods - namely wedges - but those just sit nicely on the bottom shelf. I haven't had any loud bangs in the night and all my shoes are still hanging nicely - so I would say this is a win for team Sarah!

Eat : Dinner Club

My house literally got flipped around on Saturday but for good reason.

You see, a group of friends (8 of us) started a Dinner Club which rotates from house to house each month. As the days crept closer and closer to the dinner club I was hosting at my house, I started to realized my current layout wasn't going to be ideal. There needed to be an ambiance for the evening and having my dining room look directly into my kitchen cut that off at the knees. So, I did like any crazy person would do and flipped my dining room and living room and then added twinkle lights. Surprisingly, it wasn't near as much work as I thought it would be though, Sunday morning I was a regretting my decision a bit. 

The menu consisted of a flight of soups : roasted red pepper with grilled cheese croutons, creamy spinach tortellini, and spicy Asian chicken and noodle with crab wontons. Dessert was the cutest little red velvet mini bundt cakes in the shape of pumpkins with spiked coffee. yum!

Sadly this is the only picture I got of my creation. 

All in all it was a successful evening. I can now say I have one dinner club under my belt with many more to come!


Capture : Camden

Oh, to be a senior in high school again. I remember asking my mom how I was going to know what to eat for dinner every night. To think, that was my biggest worry about moving 5 hours away from home.

Enough about me, lets focus on Camden.

What stood out the most to me about Camden was not only his innate ability to do the serious face - but how adult he was for his age. So mature.

If he ever ditches college I'd tell him to look into modeling! This kid is just so easy to photograph and what a cutie!?!