Life : The art of being single


Working in the yard has become almost therapeutic for me. Its hard work and exhausting but somehow it really clears my mind. The heat and familiar noises provides me with a space to really think.

I have heard so many runners talk about running and what a clear head it gives them. Never have I experienced that when trying to run (I more think about not dying) but I feel as though I can familiarize myself with the feeling.

Recently when putting in some hard work on my flower beds I got to thinking about what great life lessons I have been able to learn simply by being single in my twenties. Removing that reliability of a significant other and having parents live a state away catapulted my independence.

Growing up I was always pretty stuck in my ways. I would say I was an independent mommas girl, never wanting to be too far from her but expressing my opinions and flexing my independent muscle as I went.

Post college singleness, though, compounds any sort of do it yourselfness I already possessed. I haul 30 bags of mulch for my front yard, plant trees, dig trenches, hang curtains, move furniture, meet with contractors, take out the trash. I do it all myself. There is something so rewarding knowing that you can do it. Knowing that if push really came to shove you would be okay.

So many times I hear other women wishing and wanting and waiting for Mr Right to come along and all I want to do is shake them – tell them to wake up and not miss this.

There is only a short period in our lives when we can be completely selfish. This is the time you can spend as much as you want on shoes, cook what you (and only you) want for dinner, eat out with friends at the drop of a hat, and do laundry as you please. You can’t ever go back to that. Before you know it there will be a husband, kids, and extended family to think of.

But right now- right now is the moment where we can do exactly what WE want and learn so much more about how fully capable we really are. This is the time that God uses to show us things you wouldn’t have never known about yourself otherwise

Don’t let this time pass you by. Embrace it.

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  1. This is lovely! I totally agree. I was single foreverrrrr (no seriously, I didn't get my first boyfriend till the ripe ol' age of 25!), and sometimes I very selfishly wish I had even more of those single-gal years. And that's even with soaking them up to the fullest! So, yes, I agree! Do it up! These years are a treasure! :) <3