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When I first started exploring around on pinterest I was a pretty big skeptic of all the tips and tricks out there.

So vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda can cure all – what’s new.

Then I put pen to paper and tried a few. To my surprise they worked. Make your down detergent? Done!

That’s when the unthinkable happened.

I let down my pinterest guard. No more testing before jumping in full force. Pinterest says I can clean my bathtub with some weird vinegar concoction? Why not clean my entire house with it.

During one of my executions of a new pinterest idea (cleaning my stove grates with ammonia) I had a small accident.

No one tells you ammonia will stain your butcher block counter tops, and stain it it did.


Granted this picture doesn’t do it much justice – but there were a few good stained spots on my countertop. You can see the discoloration if you look close.

Instead of sanding down my entire countertop (which actually needs to be done) I decided to turn to my trusty source of truth – pinterest

cleaning butcher block: baking soda + lemon juice

I found this pin – and in true Sarah form – instead of trying it on a small non descript spot I put this concoction all over the very visible stained spots. In the body of the post on how exactly to lift stains off butcher block, the writer mentions leaving the mixture on the stain over night. Heck yea, why not?!

Because Maggie is a bit nosey I decided to build a fortress around my concoction and go to bed.

The next morning after scrubbing until my hands were raw I was left with this


So much for small ammonia stain. Now I have the Mount Everest of stains ALL over my counter.

Those dark rings? That’s just where the mixture seeped under my Maggie barrier and hung out all night.


Looks like there will be some countertop sanding in my future.

Any other pinterest fails out there?

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