Life : Cancun Outtakes

Lets just say this. Cancun won. Fair and square.

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On our third day in Cancun rain started to move in and ended up raining pretty much off and on the whole day. We decided best use of our rain time would be to move indoors and shop. Enter the Flea Market.

As we were walking to the bus Amanda had an incident with sandals and wet concrete and ended up scraping her foot up pretty good. She took it like a champ.

Since getting home from Mexico Amanda found out those ankle scrapes have since been infected and she's on medicine.

Note to self: don’t fall down in Mexico.

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The day after our sidewalk run in we had great SUNNY weather. We decided to get as much water time as possible incase it rained the next day. We started at the beach. Moved in to the pool and shared our water space with about 20 high school seniors on their senior trip. 10 minutes of being a little too near to the youngin’s forced us to the kid pool. Literally. We both agreed we would rather hang out with loud 8 year olds than drunk 18 year olds. Who knew the kid pool could be so entertaining!

beach with clothes

That sunny weather gave me a nice SUN burn on my back side and thus I had to wear clothes the next day and sit in the shade. It was our last day though and I needed one more rendezvous with the ocean. Enter workout clothes.

Little did I know that tinnnnny baby jellyfish lurked in the sand bar that day. See those little jelly’s get stuck in swim wear and start stinging. I had on more than a swim suit so needless to say I got some stings in places others wouldn’t normally. Like my legs… inner arm… chest… side… awesome!

arm 2arm

I have saved the best for last.

This picture is going into the hall of fame.

See our hotel had Henna. $10 for a decent sized temporary tattoo. Turns out Amanda and I weren't the only ones taking advantage of the deal


Incase you are curious. Their “tramp stamps” say “Train Wreck” and “S$*t Show”. Classy.

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Happy Friday friends! Enjoy your weekend!

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