Confessional Friday

It’s a new day so why not join in a link up?

I rarrrrrrely link up with other blogs – namely because I just aint got tha time – but today is the day. I am joining Leslie over at Blonde Ambition to lay out there all those things that have been floating around my noggin this week.

I confess …. that yes I did get some much needed color in Mexico but the real glow comes from this stuff. It’s the Walmart version of Jergens self tanning lotion but it beats the socks (and smell) off of Jergens. Go getcha some!image

I confess …. that I have straight up flailed off the “no sugar” wagon. I took a nose dive off the back but soon I will ride again. Its just … chocolate tastes so good.

I confess …. that I may or may not have stopped at a local bakery and bought three cookies and a cupcake for yours truly. Oops.

I confess …. that I have on average 5 home projects swirling in my head every day.

Today its: raised garden bed, insulation, french door updates, siding, front door face lift, and a dining room make over.

and lastly I confess …. that I have rapidly become anti phone convo’s – I am going to pull the age card on that one. But seriously, I feel like there is too much going on to sit and chat.

So what's been on your mind this week that you want to share?

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