Recap: Vintage Market Days











Its taken me some time of reflection and sadness to put these words down.

I thought about not posting today in light of what happened in Moore, so close to home. I know people that live in Moore. People that were effected. My Facebook feed is overtaken with pleas of prayer, help, and shelter.

So before explaining all the pictures above and my thoughts on this weekend I want to take a moment and pray for everyone effected.

Lord – I pray safety, healing, and perseverance for all those touched by the disaster in Moore. God, I ask for your comfort to rain down over all those people. Bring children out of that school alive, today, God. Show us your miracles and mercy. Thank you for your love and grace. Salvation is the only comfort that can be found in all of this. The peace in our hearts that our true treasure lies with you in heaven and not within the walls of our homes. Thank you for the understanding we have in our hearts that those babies are with you now – healed and dancing with joy. Help us to be the church – to be your hands and feet – helping those in need as much as we possibly can.



Its official, my first market is under my belt. My entire being is exhausted beyond comprehension but I am glad to say it was a complete success.

I didn’t sell out and most of my big pieces came home with me BUT “Twenty One Fifty Nine” got its voice out this weekend.

Business cards are no where to be found because they are now all residing in customers pockets/wallets/cars/refrigerators. I have never had so many people ask me for a business card



After a full day of setting up on Friday, we greeted customers for a few hours that night. The whole place was PACKED. We couldn’t be IN the booth at all. I spent most of my time outside or to the side of the booth to let everyone have space to see and shop.

Though my space was 10X10 I was able to utilize an “alley” of sorts next to an abandon old pick up and thus my booth was more 10X14. Those extra few feet made all the difference in the world.

Funny enough, this wasn’t my original space or the second space I was assigned. The whole weekend we kept saying what a blessing it was that I was moved here. We had a breeze, extra space, a great location indeed! I have already requested this space again for the September show!!



I will tell you this, I have never felt so loved… ever! All the people that came out to support me and see the market blew me away! Seriously. So many hugs and words of encouragement made all the hard work over the past 4 months completely worth it.

Though I didn’t make a “profit” I was able to recoup all my costs including the cost of all the furniture. That is a blessing straight from the Lord, y’all. He showed me that this is something that will get bigger in the future. Business plans have to be altered and ideas are swirling but y’all, God is so good.

His blessings are so great we just have to make sure and look for them.

- He blessed me with an AWESOME space

- He blessed me with the BEST HELP EVER. No joke.

- He blessed me with a forewarn of rain that wasn’t predicted for Saturday night and thus I was able to protect all my stuff

- He kept us all safe during the uncertain weather on Sunday

- He blessed me with energy and stamina

- He blessed me with customers and interest and new faces

- He blessed me with such supportive and encouraging friends

- Most of all, he blessed me with the most amazing mom who is understanding and forgiving and the hardest worker there is. She forgives me when my stress gets directed straight at her. She works hard and loves me through it all.

I am blessed.

Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and followed along on this journey. I wish I could hug all your necks!

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