Life : One bathing suit four ways

In preparation for this week I thought a new bathing suit was in order.

Thing uber cute print suit from Jcrew was on sale so I grabbed the matching top and bottom.

After bringing it home and deciding to keep it (ordered it online) I realized this (and so many other suits) is super versatile.

The top and bottom are cute together but lets look at it paired with a few other suits I already had...

The ruffled bottom gives a bit more coverage and who doesn't love a good ruffle?

Next, we have a standard black bottom. Easy peasy. I think everyone needs to own a simple black suit. It pairs so easy with other print suits. Plus the top from Jcrew has adjustable straps, so you could have a strapless top//halter//or double strap. 

Just like the black bottoms, the black top pairs with the print bottoms and even looks cute with the ruffled bottoms.

With that I have enough suit combos for the entire time I am away. Granted, I also packed three other suits because one can just never be too prepared.

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

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