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Y’all. I have entered the realm of power tools.

I didn’t come to the decision easy either. You see, when I first bought my house my dad willed over an old drill with a few bits and an old battery. It has gotten me through the past year but I knew I needed more (we want more we want more). This summer my hope is to get a raised bed built in my backyard and do it myself. Thus, I would need a saw.

I walked the isles of Lowe’s trying to look as if I knew exactly what I was doing and by the grace of God landed on the circular saw isle. Here is where my dilemma started… electric or battery powered.

And thus the story turned into a live version of “If you give a mouse a cookie”.

If you show Sarah the circular saws she will want a battery powered one

After deciding on a battery powered circular saw she will realize her current battery on her drill isn't a high enough voltage to handle the circular saw

Once she realizes her battery is not a high enough voltage she decides she needs a new battery and drill

After that decision is made she sees the prices of replacement batteries

Once she sees the price of replacement batteries she kills over

A nice employee decides to revive Sarah and show her a nice combo package of tools

It is now apparent Sarah wants to combo package so she calls her Dad to get the go ahead (because Dad’s know best)

Dad go ahead was not given.

After getting the no go from Dad Sarah realizes she needs lithium ion batteries for power tools.

This takes Sarah to Home Depot where lithium ion battery powered tools are sold for cheaper.

Sarah heads to Home depot to get said tools and Sarah does a happy dance all the way home.

When Sarah gets home she notices her backyard could use a raised garden bed so she heads off to Lowes….

But alas, I now how pretty new power tools that will get most any job done – and they even came with their own bag! Hot Dogs!!

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