Cha Cha Changes


Can you tell things have changed around here?

With all the interest lately in Twenty One Fifty Nine, I decided a more professional look was in order.

How about I show you around….

header pages


1. If you are ever creeping through the blog and want to get back where you started – click “Home”

2. This will be a place that will house all my projects/tutorials/events. Think of it like the Wal-Mart of the blog

3. Remember when this blog started based on a mahhhjor remodel? Here you will get all the before and after's

4. The Shop. Also known as furniture heaven. Yes local or non locals can buy items from here. Get excited.

side barside bar 2


Those gray buttons are links to find me all over the interwebs. (L:R) Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram, and Email

I have always had good twitter intentions but its never paned out for me. However, the bloglovin link is a great way to follow me and all your other favorite blogs. (this is how I follow blogs)

Every post a I write is tagged with a category. Click on any of those words to see posts associated.

If you don’t have instagram, stop what you are doing and go get it. Otherwise, see my insta’s right there under the categories

All my latest pins are housed on the side bar now too. Cool, right?!

Then you have your standard – Follow by email (new posts will be sent to your email) and Archives (which are old posts)

So, whaddya think? Like the new look?

I love it. Like…. a lot….


  1. Love the changes. You need an "about me". I think your readers would like to know more about the! How about a blog roll? Would love to see where you also get inspiration. Last idea is your cooking or recipe trials. Now with your interest in clean eating and trying so many different foods that may be of interest too!

    1. all great additions! I will look into that