Life : Beach Musts

As I spend the next few days lounging in the sand I thought I would bring you all my favorite beach items.

Obviously we all have our favorite sunscreens, oils, towels, etc but lets look at the beach from a different angle

First up... entertainment.

The Isound is a portable speaker that doesn't require batteries and plugs right into your phone. The volume is adjusted from your phone and the sound is uber clear. Great for a little beach dance party

When you aren't throwing your very own dance party then great reads and a cold drink are musts. Those who know me well, know I am a koozie lover and collector. So, for this trip it was imperative i bring my two favorites. 

I also made sure to grab a great hat (which I will tell you about later) and some chapstick with SPF.

So tell me, what are your beach must haves?


Life : One bathing suit four ways

In preparation for this week I thought a new bathing suit was in order.

Thing uber cute print suit from Jcrew was on sale so I grabbed the matching top and bottom.

After bringing it home and deciding to keep it (ordered it online) I realized this (and so many other suits) is super versatile.

The top and bottom are cute together but lets look at it paired with a few other suits I already had...

The ruffled bottom gives a bit more coverage and who doesn't love a good ruffle?

Next, we have a standard black bottom. Easy peasy. I think everyone needs to own a simple black suit. It pairs so easy with other print suits. Plus the top from Jcrew has adjustable straps, so you could have a strapless top//halter//or double strap. 

Just like the black bottoms, the black top pairs with the print bottoms and even looks cute with the ruffled bottoms.

With that I have enough suit combos for the entire time I am away. Granted, I also packed three other suits because one can just never be too prepared.

Happy Tuesday, friends!!


Cancun Baby

When I graduated college four years ago my mom, aunt, and I went on a week long vacation to San Francisco//Sonoma//Napa. Since that amazing trip I have gone.... nowhere.

I have taken time off to do things around the house, go to the lake, or visit home... but go on an actual vacation... nope!

So as you read this I am sitting on a beach in Mexico celebrating my sweet friend Stephanies wedding.

Who wouldn't want to get married in a place that literally looks like heaven.

Now that the happy couple have left on their honeymoon the rest of my time here is going to spent doing.... nothing...

I will try to drink many fruity drinks, read a lot, and relax while I am away.

Stay tuned - beach themed posts coming your way this week.

Memorial Day

Thank you to all those who have served, or are serving, to grant us our freedom. Your sacrifice is more than we could ever return.

Today we honor you, your commitment, and your families.


Print This : Helping Oklahomans

This week your printable comes from around the interwebs.

All the following prints can be purchased and printed with proceeds going to the Oklahoma Red Cross to aide in disaster relief from the devastating tornado that hit Moore and other Oklahoma towns.

Image of Brave.



100% profits to OK tornado victims


Oklahoma Relief- Special Edition Red Floral Heart Print


Ladies Stay Oklahoma Strong T-shirt


Instant Download - Everything is going to be OK - Donation Print for Oklahoma



There you have it friends. Many tangible ways to give back. Enjoy your weekend!


My Favs : Family and Photography

Are you an avid blog reader or do you just check in on those you know?

Maybe you get lost in the blogging vortex or you enjoy the mindless picture perusing.

I love reading blogs, getting to know other bloggers from around the country and taking a peek into their lives.

Perhaps, blogging just satisfies the nosiness in me.

Instead of a blog roll I thought I would take some time today and give you a little break down of who I read on the daily.

Today my favorite family and photography blogs. Enjoy!

Ashley Ann is by far my most favorite blog I read. Hands down. She’s real, down to earth, loves country music, and goes to one amazing church (I might be biased). Her photography inspires me daily and I have even taken her Snap Shots class… well worth it!


Meg is another blogger I have been reading for quite some time. Check out her craft weekends… uh hello amazing! That craft house is to.die.for

Julie blogs over at Joy’s Hope. Lets take a moment and talk about that hair. Swoon worthy. She blogs all things family, food, and Jesus. Perfection if you ask me


I first stumbled on Jess’ blog via all the blogs above. Take time and read her story about Cora but make sure you have a few Kleenex around. Jess is so inspirational and her faith is palpable.

Now go forth and read!

Next week I will detail my favorite Craft // Fashion // Travel // Sewing blogs!


Cha Cha Changes


Can you tell things have changed around here?

With all the interest lately in Twenty One Fifty Nine, I decided a more professional look was in order.

How about I show you around….

header pages


1. If you are ever creeping through the blog and want to get back where you started – click “Home”

2. This will be a place that will house all my projects/tutorials/events. Think of it like the Wal-Mart of the blog

3. Remember when this blog started based on a mahhhjor remodel? Here you will get all the before and after's

4. The Shop. Also known as furniture heaven. Yes local or non locals can buy items from here. Get excited.

side barside bar 2


Those gray buttons are links to find me all over the interwebs. (L:R) Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram, and Email

I have always had good twitter intentions but its never paned out for me. However, the bloglovin link is a great way to follow me and all your other favorite blogs. (this is how I follow blogs)

Every post a I write is tagged with a category. Click on any of those words to see posts associated.

If you don’t have instagram, stop what you are doing and go get it. Otherwise, see my insta’s right there under the categories

All my latest pins are housed on the side bar now too. Cool, right?!

Then you have your standard – Follow by email (new posts will be sent to your email) and Archives (which are old posts)

So, whaddya think? Like the new look?

I love it. Like…. a lot….


Recap: Vintage Market Days











Its taken me some time of reflection and sadness to put these words down.

I thought about not posting today in light of what happened in Moore, so close to home. I know people that live in Moore. People that were effected. My Facebook feed is overtaken with pleas of prayer, help, and shelter.

So before explaining all the pictures above and my thoughts on this weekend I want to take a moment and pray for everyone effected.

Lord – I pray safety, healing, and perseverance for all those touched by the disaster in Moore. God, I ask for your comfort to rain down over all those people. Bring children out of that school alive, today, God. Show us your miracles and mercy. Thank you for your love and grace. Salvation is the only comfort that can be found in all of this. The peace in our hearts that our true treasure lies with you in heaven and not within the walls of our homes. Thank you for the understanding we have in our hearts that those babies are with you now – healed and dancing with joy. Help us to be the church – to be your hands and feet – helping those in need as much as we possibly can.



Its official, my first market is under my belt. My entire being is exhausted beyond comprehension but I am glad to say it was a complete success.

I didn’t sell out and most of my big pieces came home with me BUT “Twenty One Fifty Nine” got its voice out this weekend.

Business cards are no where to be found because they are now all residing in customers pockets/wallets/cars/refrigerators. I have never had so many people ask me for a business card



After a full day of setting up on Friday, we greeted customers for a few hours that night. The whole place was PACKED. We couldn’t be IN the booth at all. I spent most of my time outside or to the side of the booth to let everyone have space to see and shop.

Though my space was 10X10 I was able to utilize an “alley” of sorts next to an abandon old pick up and thus my booth was more 10X14. Those extra few feet made all the difference in the world.

Funny enough, this wasn’t my original space or the second space I was assigned. The whole weekend we kept saying what a blessing it was that I was moved here. We had a breeze, extra space, a great location indeed! I have already requested this space again for the September show!!



I will tell you this, I have never felt so loved… ever! All the people that came out to support me and see the market blew me away! Seriously. So many hugs and words of encouragement made all the hard work over the past 4 months completely worth it.

Though I didn’t make a “profit” I was able to recoup all my costs including the cost of all the furniture. That is a blessing straight from the Lord, y’all. He showed me that this is something that will get bigger in the future. Business plans have to be altered and ideas are swirling but y’all, God is so good.

His blessings are so great we just have to make sure and look for them.

- He blessed me with an AWESOME space

- He blessed me with the BEST HELP EVER. No joke.

- He blessed me with a forewarn of rain that wasn’t predicted for Saturday night and thus I was able to protect all my stuff

- He kept us all safe during the uncertain weather on Sunday

- He blessed me with energy and stamina

- He blessed me with customers and interest and new faces

- He blessed me with such supportive and encouraging friends

- Most of all, he blessed me with the most amazing mom who is understanding and forgiving and the hardest worker there is. She forgives me when my stress gets directed straight at her. She works hard and loves me through it all.

I am blessed.

Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and followed along on this journey. I wish I could hug all your necks!



Remember when I shared goals for the whole interwebs to see???

Why did I think that was such a superb idea? Now I HAVE to be accountable – you know for blogging every day, and memorizing scripture, and don’t forget LOOSING 3 LBS.

I am thinking those two huge slices of pizza yesterday for lunch weren't in keeping with my goals. Oops. But alas, the amount of time I will spend lifting, hauling, moving, placing, painting, smiling, walking, and trying not to fall over dead this weekend might help rid me of that pizza.


This is a list I decided to start making Tuesday. It has since doubled… this will get done…. this will get done…


If you asked me what my booth looks like in my head – it resembles something like this… now the real question is how closely will it come to looking like that….

My mom got all loaded up to come help make my design come to life.


Most of the next projects you have seen via my instagram but some are new. Either way, enjoy

all i am

cow mount

love answer


and because at the moment all I can think of are lists, receipts, to-dos, and cake I am outta here.

Enjoy your Thursday. Its almost Friday which means its almost go time!


Create : Ryobi Combo Kit









Y’all. I have entered the realm of power tools.

I didn’t come to the decision easy either. You see, when I first bought my house my dad willed over an old drill with a few bits and an old battery. It has gotten me through the past year but I knew I needed more (we want more we want more). This summer my hope is to get a raised bed built in my backyard and do it myself. Thus, I would need a saw.

I walked the isles of Lowe’s trying to look as if I knew exactly what I was doing and by the grace of God landed on the circular saw isle. Here is where my dilemma started… electric or battery powered.

And thus the story turned into a live version of “If you give a mouse a cookie”.

If you show Sarah the circular saws she will want a battery powered one

After deciding on a battery powered circular saw she will realize her current battery on her drill isn't a high enough voltage to handle the circular saw

Once she realizes her battery is not a high enough voltage she decides she needs a new battery and drill

After that decision is made she sees the prices of replacement batteries

Once she sees the price of replacement batteries she kills over

A nice employee decides to revive Sarah and show her a nice combo package of tools

It is now apparent Sarah wants to combo package so she calls her Dad to get the go ahead (because Dad’s know best)

Dad go ahead was not given.

After getting the no go from Dad Sarah realizes she needs lithium ion batteries for power tools.

This takes Sarah to Home Depot where lithium ion battery powered tools are sold for cheaper.

Sarah heads to Home depot to get said tools and Sarah does a happy dance all the way home.

When Sarah gets home she notices her backyard could use a raised garden bed so she heads off to Lowes….

But alas, I now how pretty new power tools that will get most any job done – and they even came with their own bag! Hot Dogs!!