Live Well : Detox Done

The month of April is currently coming to a close and so is the big sugar detox.


I gave all my sweets and carbs away – no temptation here

Here are the big questions I keep getting:

- Did you like it?

- Results?

- Now what?!

I want to take few moments and tell you about my experience. Did I like it? After the first week of death, I started to come around to the idea. I like feeling full and satisfied and for a week and a half I felt neither. I was ravenous, y’all, we are talking Tickle Me Elmo on black Friday ravenous. Give me carbs darn it. I still miss potatoes and rice, oh and pasta. BUT I enjoy feeling healthy and energetic much more than full from a good starch fest.

My daily diet:

Breakfast: Protein shake/smoothie


I make ‘em big – that’s 32 oz of smoothie goodness

Mid Morning Snack : Strawberries

Lunch : Salad with lots of protein and veggies (think chicken/onion/broc/nuts/berries)

Pre Workout : KIND bar (if not being super strict, there is a bit of sugar involved but the good kind) or Protein shake


Trail mix – with the candies removed (this one takes all sorts of restraint)

Dinner : Grilled chicken, Roasted veggies, caramelized onions, avocado (this is my most favorite dinner)

Other dinner ideas : Spaghetti Squash with your favorite sauce//ground turkey with peppers and onions in a lettuce wrap (think taco)//eggs, bacon, and a smoothie//steak, brussels with balsamic glaze, and a salad//


My most favorite dinner (Chicken with caramelized onions, roasted broccoli, avocado with chalula)

There are all sorts of yummy things to make. What's crazier – you will start to crave healthy dinners. No joke! If I turn into a big broccoli crown you will know why. No one believes me, but roasted broccoli (the right way) tastes like french fries. mouth watering.

My favorite cooking blogs:


The Delighted Momma

Against All Grain

Dashing Dish

Now on to the results :

In total I lost 7lbs total (5lbs on weigh in day thanks to mother nature) and my energy levels have skyrocketed. If I do take in refined sugar during the day I can tell almost immediately via digestion and sluggishness. I lost 1.5% body fat and gained 1% lean muscle.

Honestly, I don’t see huge body changes but I do FEEL huge body changes. I digest food so much easier and I feel overall healthier. Cheat meals show progress more than you would know.

The big question is what now?!?!

I plan on staying no sugar/no carbs/no processed foods from here on out with the weekly cheat day. I have found that my cheat meals tend to be better if its fairly healthy and topped off with dessert. Dairy has really messed me up post detox. I cant hold down queso/sour cream/cheese anymore. Lets take a moment and mourn diary. Cutting out diary is like asking an infant to walk – virtually impossible for me but I did it.

Paleo is a very good “next step” post detox, allowing you more fruits and veggies (corn, carrots, and anything but berries were restricted for the past month)

I will take time later this week and detail some of my favorite recipes. Until then check my Clean Eats pinterest board for more of my favorites!

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