Live Well : Detox Done

The month of April is currently coming to a close and so is the big sugar detox.


I gave all my sweets and carbs away – no temptation here

Here are the big questions I keep getting:

- Did you like it?

- Results?

- Now what?!

I want to take few moments and tell you about my experience. Did I like it? After the first week of death, I started to come around to the idea. I like feeling full and satisfied and for a week and a half I felt neither. I was ravenous, y’all, we are talking Tickle Me Elmo on black Friday ravenous. Give me carbs darn it. I still miss potatoes and rice, oh and pasta. BUT I enjoy feeling healthy and energetic much more than full from a good starch fest.

My daily diet:

Breakfast: Protein shake/smoothie


I make ‘em big – that’s 32 oz of smoothie goodness

Mid Morning Snack : Strawberries

Lunch : Salad with lots of protein and veggies (think chicken/onion/broc/nuts/berries)

Pre Workout : KIND bar (if not being super strict, there is a bit of sugar involved but the good kind) or Protein shake


Trail mix – with the candies removed (this one takes all sorts of restraint)

Dinner : Grilled chicken, Roasted veggies, caramelized onions, avocado (this is my most favorite dinner)

Other dinner ideas : Spaghetti Squash with your favorite sauce//ground turkey with peppers and onions in a lettuce wrap (think taco)//eggs, bacon, and a smoothie//steak, brussels with balsamic glaze, and a salad//


My most favorite dinner (Chicken with caramelized onions, roasted broccoli, avocado with chalula)

There are all sorts of yummy things to make. What's crazier – you will start to crave healthy dinners. No joke! If I turn into a big broccoli crown you will know why. No one believes me, but roasted broccoli (the right way) tastes like french fries. mouth watering.

My favorite cooking blogs:


The Delighted Momma

Against All Grain

Dashing Dish

Now on to the results :

In total I lost 7lbs total (5lbs on weigh in day thanks to mother nature) and my energy levels have skyrocketed. If I do take in refined sugar during the day I can tell almost immediately via digestion and sluggishness. I lost 1.5% body fat and gained 1% lean muscle.

Honestly, I don’t see huge body changes but I do FEEL huge body changes. I digest food so much easier and I feel overall healthier. Cheat meals show progress more than you would know.

The big question is what now?!?!

I plan on staying no sugar/no carbs/no processed foods from here on out with the weekly cheat day. I have found that my cheat meals tend to be better if its fairly healthy and topped off with dessert. Dairy has really messed me up post detox. I cant hold down queso/sour cream/cheese anymore. Lets take a moment and mourn diary. Cutting out diary is like asking an infant to walk – virtually impossible for me but I did it.

Paleo is a very good “next step” post detox, allowing you more fruits and veggies (corn, carrots, and anything but berries were restricted for the past month)

I will take time later this week and detail some of my favorite recipes. Until then check my Clean Eats pinterest board for more of my favorites!


Hoard Living

We all have those times were it looks like a firecracker literally exploded in our house. Most of you that feel my pain have children, umpteen animals, a husband, or maybe a few teenagers stashed around. I have none of the above but its guaranteed my house is in hazmat status.

True story: Maggie has learned to open my screen door and escape. One night last week I had just finished eating dinner to find the back screen door cracked open. I set my (empty) plate down on the table to go find my escape artist. Two days later I realized I had forgotten to go back and pick up my plate after capturing said escape artist. Y’all, that’s nasty. TWO DAYS. There is a good chance I am going to be put on an episode of Hoarders before this market comes and goes. 


Don’t act like you don’t empty your gym bag on your dining table resulting in Thursdays outfit laying out for all the world to see… on Monday.


Scrap wood is the new floor accessory – but only if accompanied by paint, glue gun, junk mail, and four day old water bottles.


Sometimes I wash paint brushes and cut up strawberries at the same time. Kidding. Kind of.


I have already run into that desk sixteen thousand times – I should move it elsewhere to paint… but free space is as accessible as the Jonas Brothers. Oh, and don’t mind Murphy – he's giving the stink eye because he stinks. Really. Smells awful. Needs a bath but hey, so do I kid! Get in line.

And thus, I bring you to a hoarders paradise…



My right eye is twitching. The junk as overfloweth.

And if all of that wasn’t enough I added a car load to the madness. These is all my Warrenton finds plus a few. I might have my work cut out for me…



Print This: Unfailing Love

Y’all I'm tired and so very grateful its Friday. How about you? Was it a long week that just taxed you out?

Needless to say the weekend is very welcome. I have lots of errands to run and furniture to paint. My house might look like a wreck but I can always clean later, right???


Get it HERE

Enjoy your weekend Friends!


Create : Gearing Up

I just had a small mental break. You guys, Vintage Market Days is in 3 weeks! I have so much work to accomplish before then. Good thing the weekends around here have been beautiful. Time to really crack down and get some projects finished.

Want to see what I have done lately?



One night last week when all the reruns were on I decided to turn off the tv and get out some paint. I cranked up the worship music and had at it. No real plan in mind, just freedom to paint whatever came.

Wouldn’t this piece be great in a bedroom/nursery/playroom? Sometimes its hard to give this stuff up!




I also got in some major furniture painting! Dresser drawers/nightstand/headboard – that’s a heck of a lot of sanding and painting. Its all starting to come together though



The fabric was put to use recovering the folding chairs from Warrenton. Copper trinkets are going to be added to the copper tea pot, also from Warrenton.

Don’t you want to use that fabric for everything in your house? So fun. So summer. So perfect!

What have you guys been up to? Getting any fun projects done?


Create : “Oh Boy” baby shower

This past weekend I was lucky enough to throw a baby shower for a dear friend. She is welcoming her second child, Liam, very soon and I wanted a chance to be able to shower her with love, prayer, and of course gifts!

heather shower invite blog

I started by creating an invitation to be handed out to the women we both serve with at church. (don’t mind the green – I didn’t think the world should know my address/phone number)

I am not sure where the “Oh Boy” theme came from but for some reason it was what came out of me when making the invite. So, naturally I wanted to carry that through the shower.



“Oh Thank You” was placed by the presents and “Oh Yum” signs labeled all the food and drinks. All the signs and banners were made by yours truly. I will get you links to those soon



The food all consisted of “oh”s – like an OreO cake, CheetO’s, dOnuts, MarshmallOw’s, Orange sherbet punch, etc.




Snacks on all the tables were “Oh” shaped cereal. As I looked through the pictures I realized I am a much better photographer when I am not hosting the event. I didn’t get any pulled back shots of the food/décor. Just know it was so pretty and relaxed.

The mom to be has a 7 year old daughter – so moms were encouraged to bring their little ones. I picked up hoola hoops and bubbles to keep the little ones entertained!





All in all it was such a fun, relaxing, gorgeous afternoon celebrating an amazing mom!



Print This : Dig a little deeper

dig deeper

This week has been long. Todays print speaks right into my life. Tired. Exhausted. JUST WANT TO STOP.

But its friday. Praise the Lord.

Enjoy your weekend

Print Here


Create : Cheat Day Treat

Yes, I gave up sugar but everyone needs a cheat day treat and why not skinny up a favorite?!

Like any normal red blood American, I love rice crispy treats. They speak my love language.


I decided to cut down the calories a bit by substituting butter with coconut oil. Nom!



These hit the spot and don’t have a strong coconut flavor, so all you coconut haters give it a try!

Coconut oil can be used in a 1:1 ratio as a substitute for butter, however, I add a bit less oil than I would butter.

Make your treats like you would normally. I leave a handful of marshmallows out for the end because I am just like that and the chunkies are my thing.



Um, hello. Come to mama!

Even if you aren’t giving up sugar this is a good substitute to a favorite treat. Cut calories not taste!




Capture : Carter Bear

Watching a good friend have a baby (not literally) has got to be one of the neatest things. Babies transform people, I tell yah.

Carter made my friend a mommy. She radiates motherhood and boy does it look good on her!

I could eat this little guy up all day every day. He’s just so dadgum precious. Picture overload coming your way!