Life: Space to Hear

Between traveling and this cold weather my project completions have been limited. Thus, not much on the blog front.

Last night I was chatting with a friend via text about her current dating situation. It’s a more recent endeavor and she was telling me their 4th date has been officially scheduled. I casually asked how much they chat during the week – hoping for her sake he wasn’t a serial texter – she said not much because of some things she's preparing for and then she said something that really resonated with me.

“I want to be sure and give him space to hear from the Lord.”

In a such a tech-savvy world where communication is constant, I felt like this was so profound.

How many times in dating relationships do people start out by spilling all the beans in a few long drawn out text conversations. By the time your first date comes around you already feel like you know the person sitting across from you and their inner dark secrets.

As females we are always checking our phones, emails, twitter, facebook, instagram to see what he’s posted or if he texted back. We yearn to know someone is thinking about us or interested. So many times we inadvertently pursue him rather than letting him do what is in his nature.

I have so many friends that cant seem to detach themselves from their phone. (which is a whole other rant) But just think about if we didn’t try to pursue relationships electronically but actually cooled the constant conversation jets. Maybe then we could give the other person “space to hear from the Lord”.

Rather than clouding our judgment with all this chatter – why don’t we stop – sit – listen. Hear from the Lord.

Just like any other single female out there – I love a good text conversation // long chat // Sype session and I am by no means saying these things aren't great and useful tools. I just wonder if we are over using something that was never meant to fulfill a purpose we give it – pursuit.

Instead of waiting for his response to a message – what if we prayed for peace over the situation. Prayed for calmness in our hearts and for Christ to speak to us about this relationship that is forming.

What if instead of cyber stalking potential boyfriend material we dove just as hard into Gods word to see what he has to say about dating and pursuit?

If you follow me on instagram (@twentyonefiftynine) then you know this is my memory verse this week – and how great it fits this conversation:

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you are called to peace. and be thankful” Colossians 3:15

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