Letting it all hang out

When I first bought my house a major overhaul happened. Completely new kitchen, updated floors, paint, new dining room, bathroom updated… the one place that was left completely alone was the laundry room.

No paint – no upgrades

Same floor, same walls, and even the same old washer and dryer.

My hope is to slowly update the laundry room this year. It’s a very small space so being creative will be a must.

This weekend while perusing IKEA with the other 680 people that decided it was a good day to visit the store I found a little contraption that I needed to add to my small laundry space.

A collapsible drying rack. I know these are not a new idea, I had even envisioned DIYing one in the future. However, the $20 price tag on the IKEA drying rack quickly changed my mind.



I love the fact that it not only hangs on the wall but also collapses to be flush. This way I don’t take up floor space and also can collapse it when I don’t needed it.


After screwing in the rack I added the horizontal bars and called it good. The very top bar wouldn’t fit (bent metal) but I figured it a) wouldn’t be noticeable and b) wouldn't be missed



The top picture is with the rack hooked on the lowest level – not really sure why you would use it there but hey, it’s a possibility.


You'll see there are three levels of “hanging” – I guess you could use the lower two for unmentionables? I like having it on the top level and using it to hang clothes on a hanger rather than draping them over the bars.



My side door still opens even with the rack extended – win! I love having all my air dried clothes contained in my laundry room rather than draped on chairs throughout my house.

$20 later and I really like it – well spent.

Have you made any great IKEA discoveries lately?

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  1. Love the drying rack! I have something similar in my laundry room. Very useful! I have dreams of trekking up to Ikea someday to purchase bookshelves. You should come along and help me personalize them.