Create : Knitted Baby Blanket

Have I ever mentioned by project ADD? I have decorating ADD, but that’s a story for a different day.

Personally, I define Project ADD as the inability to master one type of medium but instead constantly take on new types of projects – majority of the time not finishing anything.

You should see all the projects in my garage that are half painted, or the quilt in my craft room that needs to just be sewn together, or maybe the trim in my bedroom that has been primed but a year later yet to be painted. Project ADD I tell yah.

Around thanksgiving I decided to take up knitting. My mom is a knitter and makes it look easy. I figured, as most would with Project ADD, that “I can do that!”

Thus, I took up knitting. My first project? A friggin baby blanket. They are easy, yes, once you get the hang of knitting but very time consuming. I was excited to conquer a new talent and conquer I did… over the span of 4 months.


A very good friend of mine has a little one coming in March. I have help design the nursery and in looking for a crib blanket we kept coming up empty handed. I decided I would knit her a crib blanket. Nursery colors are grey and yellow with touches of navy and orange. Its going to be one super cute nursery.



The blanket is seven rows of alternating colors. (grey, yellow, pale yellow, grey, pale yellow, yellow, grey)

It isn't perfect but I sure do love it. My hope is he attached to it. Id love to see him make it his blankie and carry it with him. I used machine washable/dryable yarn so that it would withstand baby things.


There is a full view – don’t you just love the colors? For a moment I was nervous the yellows wouldn’t be as contrast as they are, but after a good wash the colors showed through perfectly.


Knitting a blanket wasn’t hard by any means, just time consuming. As I knitted each stitch I thought about what kind of man this little baby would grow up to be. I prayed over him and his future. I prayed for his heart and salvation. Those small moments to allow for conscious daily prayer over a baby I have yet to know.



Incase there are any knitters reading: I used Comfort brand yarn and casted on 120 stitches with 22 rows per block (22 rows of grey, then 22 rows of yellow and so on)

This pattern plus many more are on the PurlBee (great resource for FREE knitting patters)


Thankfully, my project ADD got me into knitting but I actually finished this project. Little babies will do that to yah. Now the question is, will I keep knitting or has my project ADD gotten the best of me and I will move onto something else? Considering I now have a pinterest board devoted to knitting I think I might keep this hobby for a bit.


  1. So Pretty!!! That little one is so lucky and will definitely be carrying that blanket wherever it goes! I'm pretty sure we would both get more projects done if you would just move to the city!

  2. These colours are so beautiful! Is Comfort Brand Yarn it's own brand? Or is it part of a bigger brand? I tried looking for it, but came up empty.

    Thank you!!

    1. I am not sure about it being part of a larger brand. I know that around here (oklahoma/texas) it is just called Comfort. Its really soft but holds its shape well

    2. Thank you!

  3. Love it! What size needle did you use and what size needle did the yarn call for? Can't wait to try out this blanket!

  4. Love this blanket! What type of yarn is this? I'm a newbie to this knitting thing and not sure what type of warn to use for this cute blanket! Does Comfort yarn have different thickness or is it all the same type of yarn?