Create : Distressing Furniture with Baby Wipes

It can be done folks!


I happened upon a new brand of Chalk Paint recently (not to be confused with chalkboard paint). Have you heard of CeCe Caldwell? Great all natural chalk paint that I can find locally, as apposed to Annie Sloan that I had to get in Dallas.

If you follow me on instagram you saw some recent finds I made last weekend

These are my first – post becoming a vendor at Vintage Market Days – finds. The cushion on the small stool unscrews from the base – making this stool easy to reupholster and the wood is solid, I swear it was crying out for chalk paint. I couldn’t just leave it there.

I painted it with my new CeCe Caldwell paint (two coats) and then went to distress. Due to the weather I have been painting inside but was hesitant to start sanding inside also. I already have enough dust as it is.

Enter: Wet Sanding.

The idea is to sand with a wet cloth instead of a block/sanding paper.

I used baby wipes – seriously. I bought a large pack for $1.50 – unscented and generic brand.


For this small sized stool I used, on average, a wipe per leg and maybe three for the side/base.


Because of the rounded legs and edges it distressed quite a bit and very easily. Almost like wiping off the paint if it were still wet (it was dry). A flat surface doesn’t come off as easy – but still comes off with a few wipes and little more pressure.


So stinking easy and cute, if you ask me.

Now, if you don’t like things as heavily distressed as this just wipe lightly. I wasn’t scrubbing by any means, but I was putting some slight pressure on the wood.


Distressing with baby wipes works on all chalk paints – annie sloan included. I have yet to try it on your average latex/spray paint but I have a feeling this might be limited to chalk paints.

I paid less for 72 wipes than I do for a sanding block and I imagine these wipes will go farther than my sanding block ever has. Those things start to fall apart so easy!

Now go forth and conquer with baby wipes and then let me know how well it worked for you!


  1. Is there a price difference in the CeCe Caldwell chalk paint and Annie Sloane?
    And I seriously had no idea you could use baby wipes like this! I have a feeling that I will be giving this a try.

    1. CeCe's is a bit cheaper (still a bit pricey though). I have to say I like the vibrancy of CeCe but Annie Sloan will always have my heart